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Judy Links

These are my favorite Judy Garland sites! They are fabulous! Fun too! I suggest you view all of 'em!

The Judy Garland Database ~ This is probably the largest Judy site on the web! It's awesome! It has a very informative filmography, songography, and discography....and many rare pictures!

Judy Garland Media Storage ~ This site has lots of Judy sound clips from her movies and video clips as well! You can also read the original "The Wizard of Oz" on it!

Judy Garland Showcase ~ This site is wonderful! Has lots of funky is a very unique site! I love it!

The JUDY List ~ This site is really cool. You can join this funky Judy e-mail list, and it has a great discography and other lists as well!

The Judy Garland Trivia Page ~ This site is hosted by one of my friends! It's really awesome! Has some funky trivia games and she put her collection on the site as well! This site is FUN!

Judy Garland: The Live Performances ~ This site is really cool. It focuses on Judy's concert well as her on television, and a really informative time line!

The Judy Page ~ This site is really nice! Has lots of lyrics and pics! Also has a pretty nifty little Judy test that you can take....this site is so cute.

Judy Garland ~ A site by a rather obsessed fan!! It's really unique and I enjoy my visits there....has lyrics and other things you might want to check out!

Fans 4 Judy ~ This site is cute! It was written by the same person who gave us The Judy Garland Trivia Page! You can submit your fav Judy stuff in there for all to see....and there is a really cool e-mail forum for you to join, too!

Judy At Ebay ~ Click here and it will take you to all of the things presently being sold on Judy at fabulous auction site!