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The Von Erich's

I am currently attempting to interview Kevin for this page, and hopefully I can have one in the near future.

It was such a shame a family that had everything, came crashing down so fast while they were all still young and had everything to live for. They should not be remembered for being the family of wrestlers who died. They should be acknowledged for great wrestlers they were. David Von Erich was the first Von Erich brother to wrestle. In 1978, he was voted 3rd place for rookie of the year. But while touring in Japan, David Von Erich was found dead on February 10, 1984 in Toyko, Japan. He was a victim of acute enteritis, a severe inflamation of the intestines at the young age of 25 years old. He was given a hero's send off complete with a song "Heaven Needed a Champion". Shortly after was the Parade of Champions card at Texas Stadium on May 6, 1984 in Irving, Texas. That night Fritz came out of retirement and teamed with his sons Kevin and Mike and they defeated the Freebirds in a 6-man match. But that night will long be remebered for Kerry Von Erich defeated NWA champion Ric Flair with a backslide at 25:42 , which was voted match of the year in 1984, in front of 43,517 fans. Kerry only held the belt for 19 days, losing it on May 24, 1984 in Yokosuka City, Japan in a best of three falls match to Flair. Kerry won the first fall at 15:21 with the claw, Flair won the second fall at 18:45 with the figure four, and at 26:04 Flair won the match by rolling over a roll-over. Mike Von Erich was supposed to fill David's shoes. He was voted rookie of the year in 1984 and most inspiration wrestler in 1985. On August 22, of 1985 Mike Von Erich was operated at Granville C. Morton Cancer and Research Center in Dallas,TX for an injured shoulder. He is released four days later, with no complications, and later he has a 105 and 107 degree fevers. Unfortunately begins a battle with the rare disease toxic shock syndrome. He had to give up wrestling because of this disease and on April 12, 1987 he committed suicide by overdosing on a tranquilizer placidyl, he was only 23.

Chris Von Erich was the smaller of the Von Erich boys. All he wanted to be was a wrestler. All he did was idolized Mike Von Erich and did everything that Mike wanted to do. Chris would get involved sometimes, maybe will be remembered most when hitting Michael Hayes with a chair. And did work some shows. On September 12,1991 Chris Von Erich commits suicide by shooting himself he was only 21.

Kerry Von Erich had everything to live for. The wrestling ability, his looks he was it. Was the World Class Champion, the NWA champion and the WWF Intercontinental Chamipion. This story sums up the type of guy that Kerry was. When he was with the WWF, there was a show he was working in New York. He saw a man rob a woman's purse, so the guy ran towards him and he sorta-clotheslined him and returned the purse back to the woman. In 1984 he was voted the most popular wrestler of the year, and finished third in the wrestler of the year. In that year he won the NWA title from Ric Flair in Texas and continued wrestling for World Class. Bad Luck struck Kerry on June 4, 1986. While driving his motorcycle on U.S. 373 in Argyle, TX he pulls to his left on a two-lane highway to pass a van. Kerry skids into the rear of the police car that stopped in front of van to make a left hand turn, then flies 50 feet in the air and lands in the road. He suffers a dislocated hip and a severly damaged right knee and ankle. Kerry had to get a prosthetic foot, but Kerry did come back to early from the injury. The prosthetic foot was kept a secret until a match with Col Debeers. Debeers accidently pulled off Kerry's boot and left the fans and ever Debeers' in shock. Made his pay per view debut on December 13, 1988 on the AWA Superclash 3. There was a unification match between AWA champ Jerry Lawler and World Class champ Kerry Von Erich. The new title became known as the USWA Heavyweight Title. Jerry Lawler won that title due to Kerry was bleeding to heavily. In the Summer of 1990 Kerry made his way to the World Wrestling Federation and was known as "The Texas Tornado" Kerry Von Erich. He made his tv debut on a Saturday Night's Main Event against "Playboy" Buddy Rose and was successful. A unusual stroke of good luck came to Kerry. A unfortunate parasailing accident happened to Brutus Beefcake on July 4th of 1990 in Lutz, FL. He was supposed to wrestler "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig for the title at Summerslam. Kerry was inserted in his place. And on August 27, 1990 Kerry Von Erich became the new Intercontinental Champ by pinning Henning in 5:15 to win the title. Kerry held the title for about three months before losing it back to Hennig on November 19, 1990 in Rochester, NY. On November 22, 1990 he competed in the Survivor Series teaming with L.O.D. and the Ultimate Warrior. On January 19, 1991 he wrestled in the Royal Rumble. On March 24, 1991 in the Los Angeles Sports Arena Kerry competed in his first and only Wrestlemania-Wrestlemania 7. He pinned Dino Bravo at the 3:11 mark. At his second Summerslam on August 26, 1991 at Madison Square Garden he wrestled in a 6-man match. This team I believe is the greatest 6-man that I've ever seen. Kerry Von Erich, Ricky Steamboat, and The British Bulldog defeated The Warlord and Power and Glory at 10:43. He also wrestled in another Survivor Series on November 27, 1991 competing on the winning team with Sgt. Slaugher, Tito Santana, and Jim Duggan. In late 1991 Kerry was missing house shows and later fired by the WWF. It was said that this was due to cocaine and pain killer addictions. On February 8, 1992 Kerry was arrested for attempting to falsify two drug prescriptions. Shortly after he is released on a 6,000 dollar bond and Fritz Von Erich says that he will be entering drug rehab. On October 1, 1992 Kerry is sentenced on 6 felony counts of prescription forgery. He recieves a 10-yr suspended license, 10 yrs of supervised probation and a 6,000 fine. On February 17, 1993 Kerry was indicited on a cocaine possession charge and was going to go to jail for violating his parole. The next day on the family ranch, Kerry hopped in his chair and shot himself through the heart. He was 33.

An article that appeared in a newspaper the day after Kerry's death. Kerry Von Erich, 33. Suicide claims famed Texas Tornado. Kerry Von Erich, 33 yrs old, the youngest surviving member of the wrestling Von Erich family, committed suicide on February 18, 1993. He was apparantly despondent over recent legal difficulties. The former World Class, NWA, and WWF Intercontinental champion was scheduled to wrestle at the Sportatorium in Dallas on February 19. He was the fourth of six brothers in his family to die since 1984 and the fifth overall. Three of those deaths have been suicide. He was addicted to pain killers and cocaine. He forged medical prescriptions in order to acquire pain killers and got caught. He was facing time in jail.

Results from David Von Erich Parade of Champion cards- May 6, 1984-Texas Stadium Johnny Mantel and Kelly Kiniski wrestle to a draw. Junkyard Dog beat The Missing Link by dq. "Iceman" King Parsons and Buck Zumhofe beat The Super Destroyers Fritz, Kevin, and Mike Von Erich beat World Class 6-man champs The Freebirds to win titles. Kerry took Fritz's place on the team. Kabuki defeated Kamala. Butch Reed beat Chick Donovan. Chris Adams and Sunshine defeat Jim Garvin and Precious. Kerry Von Erich pins Ric Flair for NWA World Title.

May 5, 1985-Texas Stadium Mike Von Erich beat Rip Oliver. Von Erichs and Freebirds beat Rip Oliver, Chris Adams, Gino Hernandez, Kamala, One Man Gang, and Steve Williams in a two ring battle royal. Winning team recieves 100,000 dollars and wrestler who scored pin got a car(Lincoln Continental). Kevin pins Williams, but the car is later smashed by Hernandez. Midnight Express beat the Fantastics to become the World Class Tag Champs. Kerry Von Erich over The One Man Gang. Kevin Von Erich and Ric Flair wrestle to a double-countout.

May 4, 1986-Texas Stadium Steve Simpson beat Kabuki. Brian Adias pins Steve Regal to keep the Texas title. Chris Adams and Brickhouse Brown defeat John Tatum and The Grappler. Missing Link and "Iceman"King Parson beat One Man Gang and Gen Skandor Akbar. Bruiser Brody pinned Terry Gordy in a barbed-wire match. Sunshine pinned Missy Hyatt in a mud-pit. World Class champ Rick Rude beat Bruiser Brody by DQ. Kerry and Lance Von Erich&Steve Simpson(sub for Kevin Von Erich) beat Freebirds for World Class 6-man belts.

Does anyone have any old World Class tapes or old Von Erich matches. I am also looking for a Von Erich shirt. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Kevin Von Erich, I'd like to do an interview with him for the page. Or does anyone have info that will be helpful to this page. Please e-mail me.

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