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Hot Wheels

------READ THE WHOLE LIST! THERE IS SOMETHING HERE FOR YOU---- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS IS NEW! I HAVE A SET OF 1/18 SCALE JARRET/IRWIN-BATMAN/JOKER CARS SPECIAL ORDERED FROM FORD!!!!! I PAID $130.00 A PIECE FOR THEM. I HAVE TO SELL THE SET!!!!! MAKE AN OFFER FOR THE PAIR. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If I Have something you need, GREAT! E-mail me and we can work out a deal. (MOST UNDER $5.00!!) I am a very limited collector and do not have alot, but what I do have is in good condition(moc). I also have old beat up redlines and some good condition loose Matchbox(lesney). e-mail me for a list. I have more stuff that I will list as soon as I get rid of some of this stuff. MAKE AN OFFER ON ANYTHING I HAVE. IMUST SELL!!!!! Thanks for checking out my page --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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