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THE AFFILIATE MALL is an affiliate, referral site where webmasters earn commission income by linking to revenue-sharing, referral, click-thru, partner, and associate websites.


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Welcome to the internet as seen at the THE AFFILIATE MALL. Here you will earn FREE residual income by finding and linking to various popular affiliate, referral, click-thru, partner, revenue-sharing, and associate programs offering everything from ART to VIAGRA.

Place links on YOUR web site to selected online merchants. These merchants will pay you regular commissions for driving traffic and sales to them.

In just a few easy steps, you can become a reseller or affiliate for some of the web's best-known brands. NO maintenance is needed.


You can enhance your site while earning money. Don't think of this just as a way to make money, but also as a way to augment your content and form partnerships with companies whose offerings are relevant to your site.

Search for Affiliate Programs by browsing our DIRECTORY of the web's best revenue-generating offers that matches and describes the content and nature of your site.

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G: Gambling, golf equipment, games, gifts, online garden store, paper greeting cards

H: Hotel reservation discounts, health care devices, hair and body care, electronics hardware mall

I: Internet marketing tips, internet access, ISP, eShopping

J: Juicers and water purifiers


L: Ladies exclusive lingerie, liquor by wire, long distance phone services, learning systems, lottery, multiple mortgage loan applications

M: Music, movies on video and CDs, money borrowing, magazine subscriptions, mortgage finders, multiple mortgage loan applications,

N: Nutritional products,


P: Pet supplies, post card business cards,


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T: Special event ticket sales, on-line tax filing, travel (air, room, and car packages), Swiss Army tools and supplies, trademark & domain name services,


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W: Website banner and link promotions, vehicle warranty extensions, water purifiers, web address registration

XYZ: Xandria collection, Discover The Exotic Marketplace! Herbs, Spices, Y2k Dehydrated Food and Emergency Supplies,Jewelry, Silk Scarves, Tools, Gifts, Art