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Easter 2012 pictures

Johnny's 70th birthday

Thanksgiving 2011 ~ Thanksgiving gallery

back to the future

Nick's Birthday

2010 amis family at me-me's mini album - pictures aren't great

Bart's Service

Thanksgiving 2010 pictures ~ Pics and clips on youtube

Halloween in Louisiana (Jack and Maggie)

Ryan's Birthday Pics 2010

Hyde Park July 4th 96' - part one / Hyde Park July 4th 96' - part two

Robyn's Birthday pictures / Robyn's Birthday video / Robyn's Birthday video with background sound

Lauren's Wedding (pics and video)

Walking Up the Aisle

Jack's 7th Birthday Photos / Videos >> Jack opening gifts / Ayden shooting hoops / Air Hockey / Crowned / Ayden's video attempt / Chuck singing / singing happy birthday

Johnny's stay at Oschner's ~ Player Piano at Oschner's

xmas 2009 ~ Lauren's Jeep ~ Randi calling

Thanksgiving 2009 ~ camp sound system and mr. cool

Robyn's birthday pics 09' ~ Maggie greets Robyn ~ Robyn's cake


Thanksgiving 08' pics

Thanksgiving 08' video clips

snow day at Rhonda's

Mother's Day 2007

Xmas 2007 an Uncle Donalds

xmas 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

July 02 2006 at Hyde Park

Mother's Day 2006
Classic photo album (in progress)UPDATED 01/09/2011

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