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Welcome to the Broadmoor Residents' Association web site! We are a Louisiana non-profit corporation and our objectives are to unite Broadmoor subdivision residents for the betterment of the area and to promote its general welfare and prosperity. Membership in the Association is completely voluntary and dues payable at any time during the year for the calendar year beginning in January. We rely entirely upon dues paying members, donations and fund raising activities to support our programs. Please join. The Association needs your support to carry out its programs. Donations are always appreciated. Visit the Membership Information Section for more information.
President's Message Ramona Talley Hello, I'm Ramona Talley, a lifelong resident of Baton Rouge, and your president for 2012. My husband Rob and I have lived in Broadmoor since 1996 and we have two daughters and three sons who are graduates of St. Thomas More. I attended my first monthly meeting several years ago because I wanted to know what the Broadmoor Resident's Association was doing for our subdivision. I attended a second meeting because I was impressed with the efforts of this group of residents, and I kept going to meetings because they really care about this neighborhood and where it is going. Continue . . . Membership Dues are now payable for 2012. Thanks to those of you who have already paid. Download our convenient online form today and send your payment to help us maintain services this year. Visit the Membership Page for more information. Communications Newsletter Advertising The first edition of 2012 The Broadmoor Breeze newsletter will be mailed to all residents in April. We are now accepting new ads for this and the other two editions that will come out this year. All paid advertisements will also be included in our web site at no additional cost. See our Advertising Page for details. Are you on our Email list? Our email database is used each week to send important messages to residents regarding such things as monthly meetings, social events, lost and found pets, crime alerts, notices from Metro Council and EBR Parish, and other items of interest to the community. Residents now register their email addresses online. So, if you aren't receiving weekly emails from us, please register. The addresses in our database are those that we receive from Membership Forms, Neighborhood Watch Forms, and from sign up sheets at meetings and events, and some are no longer valid. Please keep us up to date with your current address and start receiving our weekly bulletins. To register, GO TO EMAIL REGISTRATION and give us your new email address. OR, send us an EMAIL update with your old and new address. Visit the Communications Committee page. Security Are you supporting Neighborhood Watch? In December 2008, the Neighborhood Watch Committee organized Broadmoor into four quadrants and with the help of neighborhood Block Captains have contacted most residents in each quad to explain the NW program. Participants were given security brochures, and dues paying Association members were given window decals and yard signs. If you are a paid member and have not received your decal or sign, please send us an email or call the Hotline at 926-9829. We need additional Block Captains to make this program work more effectively. Please consider volunteering. It takes all of us working together to make to prevent crime and make our neighborhoods safer and more secure! Community Relations / Zoning & Restrictions Parking, illegal signs and trash complaints We continue to receive complaints of illegally parked vehicles in yards, on the streets or in other public space in Broadmoor, and will contact authorities to investigate and take the necessary action to see that all laws and regulations are enforced. It is illegal to park on your front yard grass on a regular basis, or on the street for longer than nine hours. All off street front yard parking must be on paved surfaces or other dust free surfaces such as gravel. Signs should not be placed on city property without permission and they will be removed by us or the police. For example, it is illegal to post any advertising signs on right of ways, medians or in the area between sidewalks and the streets. It is also illegal to post signs or flyers of any kind over a stop sign, traffic sign or other property of the city. The most frequent abuse of this regulation is by persons who have lost or found pets. Please do not post signs such as this on public property. Take advantage of our Lost & Found Page and we'll post your message to our web site and send email blasts to residents in Broadmoor. Temporary signs for open house events and garage sales may be staked to the ground subject to certain size limitations, and must be removed after the events have ended. Political campaign signs must be on private property. It is illegal to post signs in the right of way area between the street and sidewalk, and signs must be at least 15 feet from the curb. Signs must be less than 8 square feet in residential areas such as Broadmoor. See the Signs Section on the Zoning & Restrictions Page. Homeowners with accumulated trash, tree limbs, stumps and construction debris on their property have been or will be reported to the EBR's 311 Complaint Line for investigation by authorities and possible citations or summonses to appear at Litter Court. It is the homeowner's responsibility to have tree limbs and other debris removed when a tree has been cut down by a tree trimmer or arborist. EBR trash collection service will not remove these large items from curbside. Visit the Community Relations Committee Page for more information about Litter Court and filing complaints and the Zoning & Restrictions Page for details about zoning and deed restrictions.
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