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Hello, All
Well, first off. My name is Trent Fry. I live in a hell hole called Anderson, Indiana. I like to tinker with my computer, listen to music (Accept Rap. I hate rap. But, you will read more about that as you go on. J) and go out on occasion. I love all kinds of movies, and music. (Again, accept for rap) I am totally against the use of drugs (See my mothers web link) Although, I am an occasional drinker. I like to watch Football, and my favorite football team is The Kansas City Cheifs (Which, sometimes gets me into trouble living in an Indianapolis Colts area. LOL) I work at a place called Red Gold. And, I love my job. Right now, I love my life (But, as Ben Franklin once said I reserve the right to change my mind. That can always change. But, for now life is good.) I hope you enjoy my website those who have come to visit. And, to all of my family, and friends who see this. I hope you like it.
--Trent Fry

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