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Don't believe everything you read

Dolf apparently only had a minor injury during the video of 'Blacken my Thumb' and is currently on promo tour in Europe, fit and well. The Datsuns are advising people 'don't believe everything you read'.


Dolf Hospitalised

Dolf, lead singer of the Datsuns, has been hospitalised after slipping whilst filming the video for soon to be realeased new song 'Blacken my Thumb'. He was rushed to hospital in need of stitches but is now fine.


That sure ain't right

For all you eager fans (myself included) The Datsuns have now put a single off the new album on the internet. 'That sure ain't right' is available to download from here and costs 1.


New Album

The new Datsuns album 'outta sight/outta mind will be realeased June 7th, the first single off it will be 'blacken my thumb' (interesting name i know). Also they have promised more features on the site, new merchandise, more tour dates and an internet only downloadable single all available soon.
See for more details.

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