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Extended Shout-Outs
This page is for all my buddies that weren't shouted out to on my profile, and extended shouts to the ones that were :-)

Elyse- Elyse..Lesy...the Weesk. I love walking down our street wicha, being in the plays, makin movies..making facials haha! Wanna know why???Cuz ur my best gal and I love yaz!

Blake-::sigh:: Where would I be without the best chauffer in the world??? haha Not go to New Moon that's what! And that would stink!! LOL j/k..Musical Club was the best..haaaahhhhhaha Oh well..hey, there's always the Christy Cristoffolous (sp?) video!

Sam: You don't come over here NEAR enough! You're my only Yam, ya know? I got some crazy friends Don't I? hahahaha Say Hi to Josh for me! (Honk honk)

Elyse Newland- Thanks so much for being such a good friend and I loves talkin to ya goilie! The plays wouldn't be as fun without you!

Emily- Where are those sackfuls??? Stewart, what did mommy say??!!! Wicked and Avenue Q rule!!!

Marcus- ...Buhhuhhhuhhhh... You're pretty good at bein sexy marcus...but u knew that

Alex Bailey- You're the coolest person and I think you're the best actress evah!

Christina- You've been a great friend and I loves ya! You need to come over sometime and we'll watch Little Women and every other click flick we can find!

Ashley- We are the loudest people at Fathom--Ha! J/k but it's always a blast to go to a concert with you :-)