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~*~*~*~ Your scene opens in a dark, cold, musty room, we see Raven in a red light, barely noticeable, yet able to be understood. The cameras zoom in on Raven staring face down at the floor, as he slowly raises his head up, mixed reactions from the audience in the arena can be heard. Raven pays no attention to it whatsoever and could care less. His main goal for right now is to focus on Orton and Styles, which is more simple then it is turns out to be.~*~*~*~

[:Raven:] What am I here for? Who will I destroy? When will I dismantle people who claim to be the better then Raven? All this and much more will be answered at Raw when I put both Randy Orton and A.J. Styles in their place, and show them that they weren't meant to face people like me. Styles and Orton are merely two of a kind, meaning neither of them will go on to face Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. Those two are in my flying path, and are about to be taken out this coming Raw. Orton and Styles are nothing but a couple of punk kids who would rather fight over a chick, rather then wisening up and going for the Intercontinental title. It's not if I go on to face Brock, It's when I face Lesnar that really matters, and Brock? As far as I'm concerned bring all the pain you want, cause unlike Styles and Orton, I'm capable of taking it and handing it back twice as much. Brock Lesnar, I want you to watch backstage when my match against the two young guns takes place, because I want you to witness a little taste of what to expect when I beat your ass at the Rumble.

Let me clear up the air with what Orton just blabbed about. He talks as though he can simply walk pass me like a breeze, that's where he's wrong. Raven is no stepping stone, one second your foot touches me, the next your submerged in the water. Obviously Randy Orton is scared shitless, telling me to forfeit this match so he doesn't have to go through the most hellacious beating of his career. You want to run your mouth about how many people you've so called "killed off" so far, why don't you stop living in the past and look into the future, which is the time I single handedly bring hell to you and Styles at Raw! All those matches in the past will never, in a million years, add up to what will happen this Monday, when Raven becomes the number one contender. Then you've got the audacity to gawk about my kilt, which just goes to show you that Randy Orton doesn't know his priorities, and after Raw he will sure as hell know his limitations as far as getting an ass kicking goes. Both A.J Styles and Randy Orton will know their boundries against Raven. 'RKO' gimme a break, stealing the move of a retired wrestler isn't going to win you matches, what will though is Raven's philosophy, which is to put the other man through so much misery, that he does not wish to show his face to his then former fanbase, which is going to happen fairly soon, so that's what Orton and A.J can look forward to.

The only marks Orton and Styles will make, are the ones they give each other and the ones they recieve from me. Orton couldn't even beat Chris Jericho one on one, so his chances of winning have lessened, not like either of them stand a chance once Raven was placed on the card. Randy Orton is living the life of a hypocrite, cause the so called "Legend Killer" will be no more, and the "Phenomonal" A.J. Styles will no longer be the wonder boy that he his. As for Raven, I'll be the man going to the Rumble to face Brock Lesnar. Neither of you have the right mindset of what you are about to undergo. It makes me laugh seeing a kid so young talking trash like it's a damn ballgame, when in fact he's about to get beaten like a man by Raven. I should not be aware of someone such as Randy Orton or A.J. Styles, they are not a concern to me, If I felt like it, I could be fighting two other matches at the same time, walk over to them and whoop the living tar shit out of the two boys. So it's you Orton who should beware, fully aware of what you cannot beat. If there is one legend that will not die off, that legend is Raven.

So I guess what it all comes down to is, are both Randy Orton and A.J. Styles ready to feel the raven effect? The answer to that should already be known, nobody is ever prepared for it, and when it's all said and done, and once the dust has settled, the only man left standing in the rubble is Raven. You can say whatever the hell it is you want to say, you can think whatever the hell you want to think, but just know that what your saying and thinking, unless it's Raven coming out of this with Orton and Styles' blood on my hands and face, your backing the wrong person. Make note of every word I say, cause everything I've just said, I will prove it to be reality, which is one thing Randy Orton and A.J. Styles have no clue about, they're both living in a dream world of women, cars, money, society has corrupted them to where they are unable to actually see what they are up against. The last thing Raven needs is to have a couple of guys who are barely above the drinking age to put words in my mouth. Time is winding down before you girls see those dream boys toothless, with busted lips, I'll make them look as though they've gone from a millionaire in riches, to a hobo in rags. Mark my words when I "Quote The Raven Nevermore."

+++The scene slowly fades to black and it cuts to a commercial break+++

+++The show comes back from the short commercial break. The cameras cut to the ring as A.J. Styles and Randy Orton were forced to face two jobbers that night. While the match is going on "Doomsday Jesus" cuts in on the pa system. Out comes Raven slowly.+++

+++He stands on the ramp for quite some time, just simply staring at the unexcusable display of horrible talent that he's witnessing. Eventually he brings out his arms, taunting to the two of them. This distracts Orton and Styles, causing them to lose against the two other jobbers. Raven just smirks, turns back and dissapears behind the curtain. Raven was out there to prove his point, and he did it by practically doing nothing, just wait until Raw when the two of them collide with each other, but more then that....with Raven! The scene then fades to black as Orton and Styles stare at each other with discontent.+++

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