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Name: Malon Oiseau de Lune

Age: 17 *human years*

Species: Were ( like a were-wolf, accept shes a were-hawk ) She is half elf, but she doesn't hold all the earth-based magic and instinct most elves have.

Magick: She can pretty much summon anything, but she's very good with air and shadow based magic. She cannot use light, because both of her "parents" were dark magicians. She doesn't know this though. She can morph into a hawk at anytime, and during the full moon.

Appearance: Ivory, straight hair, hanging to mid-back. Very pale skin and pointed ears, like an elf. Her eyes are amber colored, and flicker red when she's angry or sad. She is thin, and you wouldn't expect her to be powerful. She usually wears a burgundy cloak. *bloodstained, used to be a lovers*. She has a tiny scar on wrist from attempted suicide after love's death.

Personality: Peaceful and quiet most of the time. She has a sense of humor, and is serious when she needs to be. When she is angry to the point of her eyes changing, she can go almost insane. Weapons: Silver glaive *kinda like a differently shaped scythe* Cherrywood Bow and Arrow. Magick. Magick Items: She has magical powers, she doesn't really need items.

Background: Her mother was an elf, and her father was a were/wizard. He raped her, and forced her to marry him. The elf became a dark artist, like the wizard. Malon was born with these dark powers. She was left orphaned when her town was raided of all dark magick. Malon doesn't remember anything before two human years ago. *where she grew up, so on..* About a year ago, she fell in love, and lived in a rich town. He was killed and she went insane. *shes pretty much better now..* She ran away, and has been floating since.

Anything else? : She has a pet hawk that follows her everywhere, which used to belong to her dead love. ( her bird's named Epée )

- Me pardonner pour ces choses que je fais, vous aimez avez changé ma lune.

Bleh.. I hope there aren't any mistakes in there....