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sean moen began music at age 5 when he started

to learn piano. "I always tried to figure out and play

buddy holly songs, the slower ones because they were

easier to comprehend. I kind of lost myself in his love songs

because they were so beautiful. I have so much respect for

his music and consider him my biggest influence."


at age 9 he received his first guitar. "It was this cherry red

series 10. It was a horrible excuse for a guitar, but it was mine.

I remember that I had to tune all the strings to a major E

chord 'cause I didn't know how to play in the standard tuning.

everyone was like, "what the hell are you doing?" and I said hey,

this is the only way I can make it sound half way good. I would

just hold the guitar in my lap and use my thumb to press down

all the strings."


"I really got into music when I bought Jeff Buckley's album in early

1995. All my friends were listening to local punk stuff.

 they thought I was so soft for listening to it, but I liked being soft.

 I knew that I wanted to learn how to write songs like he did."


"evening for the dances" is in short a fantastically torturing piece of

music. in every way haunting, yet extremely tangible. after years of

searching and anguish, sean moen still hasn't found what he is

looking for and it is numbingly apparent in his music.


-rufus friesand

coldwater fushion may, 2004