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Classified/Sub.El/Fire/Species/Hanyou/Sunburned Hanyou

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Nickname:Seika/Red/Fireskin/hanyou/demon--other various names.
Birth: Uknown
Death: --/--/--
Age: 19
Vocalize Language: English
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: fire demon/chemical/human
Height: 5'9
Weight: 145lb.
Hair: Short w/soft purple tint
Iris: Light purple, sometimes soft pink tint
Wears: A casual white japanese style hakama--sandles w/one ring for big/little toe (for it to stay on)
Blood Type: AB-
Scars: Sunburn
Weapons: Sword(Hilt made of fire-proof material. The double blade was made of diamond. Carefully carved to its smooth surface. -still in practice of wielding the sword techniques
Element Skills: Fire

    Pyro Ball- A small fire ball created in mid-air in hand(s) general used for small opponents/tricks/small tasks. Burning opponent where comes in contact. If used to the max, the ball can reach up to three feet in circumfrence. After using it multiply times in a short period, it grows weak.

    Spit Fire - Small bullets of fire created from the user's body are spat out from the mouth in a forward movement. Giving minor injuries.
    Heating Touch - Using the user's hand, placed on anything, willing the temperature will rise in his(user) own hand, burning the victim(surface) the hand is against. Also Works with feet. Under embrassment, cheeks to tend to grow warmer then the rest of the body.
    Inferno Wave - After willing temperature in hand/foot, a sift movement of the body part gives off a rush of intense hot air. In close distence, this can create second degree burns. <
    Steam Bath - If the user is faced against water or ice, he may use a technique using the combination of Inferno Wave against the opponents attack, creating a hot steamy mist that last a few minutes. Creating minor first degree burns.

Heir From-
Mother: Uknown
Father: Uknown

Chamber Chapter..

"I didn't do it..." A soft whisper stated. "I DIDN'T DO IT!" the pleading scream echoed in the stone walls. A teardrop fell, rippling in a small murky puddle in hell or more formally known as The Chambers of Zasphere.
That faint memory still washed painfully over the hanyou's (half demon) mind once and awhile. Even stalking at night. Truly hard to embrace it over and over again, leaving wounds mentally. For the only physical long term he has, was the burning tissue on his body.
The Chambers of Zasphere is made up of insane, mentally-challenged, and suicidal people. A prison for thieves, murders and such that have some abnormal state of mind, like the insane. Sick people with bloody minds. All with the core purpose to do harm once more. For was why there was The Chamber to punish those that committed a sinister crime.
There were several cells making up a row, about five series. They all attached to one main hall that coursed down the middle. It ran through the woman's cell hold, then the dinning area, working, main office and so forth. All had a hallway leading to the main one.
The place's sluggish, dim lighting made it hard for outsiders to adjust fast. Though there was very few outsiders. Only the various guards that roamed in and out. For this place was deep in the desert. A good hour from the ocean, then you had to take another half-hour to travel to land. The chamber's establishment was almost barred in the sand. The heat was still unbearable, yet its partial area underground was cool enough for humane living but still; humid and sticky. During the hours of daylight, the sun caressed the area with piercing bullets of ultraviolet rays and fainting temperatures. Those that came here only hope was to die.
The remembrance of his hold wasn't clean. For that description of The Chamber of Zasphere was upheld by an ex-mercenary and friend. Only the faint nightmare of being stripping and posted upon a cross, arms over the horizontal piece, legs together, chained to the vertical log. Sitting outside every sunlight hour. Then taken in at night to be put into 'The Hole' a well type with no ventilation except for the slits in between the metal bars, about 20 feet up, around five feet wide, in the shape of a cylinder.
The vision was blurred of what all he suffered during the two hundred days and two hundred nights. But what he came out with changed his life..
Founding his new powers, or so he thinks they are new, his soul task at this point is to maintain a stable ability of his fire powers. Since having no Master, he's on his own to flex his mind and body for the training.