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80s Bananarama Fashion!


Early 80s Bananarama Look

For an early 80s Bananrama look, you don't need to look like you've tried too hard! Just get hold of a stripy jumper or top, (see below) a hat and some pedal pushers or cropped jeans. Hair must be wild and messed up, make up bold



Mid 80s Bananarama look

For this you need to look just a little more glamourous. (The release of True Confessions marked a noticable change of image to Bananarama) You need a cropped jacket, maybe white like Siobhan's on the cover. Think in black and white terms, so stripy tights, white skirt, and off the shoulder black tops! Lots of belts! Hair should still be big, we are talking bout the '80s after all! Make up glamourous so not too over the top! Ok?!


Late 80s Bananarama Look!

This should be farly similar to the mid 80s look, just slightly more daring. Think tight stone washed jeans with off the shoulder tops (see right) Lots of jewelery and a cropped jacket. Similar hair/make up to before!

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