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At 80s Echo Lounge we play the best pop, rock, new wave and alternative hits of the era featuring...U2, Springsteen, ABC, Violent Femmes... Join us as we recapture the diversity that surrounded us back then. We want the 80s Echo Lounge to be an interactive experience so you can e-mail us your suggestions and of course, requests. We hope you enjoy The 80s Echo Lounge!!

I'm a professional broadcaster on a number one rated FM station in Montreal. I broadcast on live365 because it gives me the chance to share the music I love with like minded people. And I don't have to worry about ratings and demos.

Hello All Echo Listeners,

Live365, the home of my station, has introduced a cap on the number of listeners that can listen to my station at any one time. Based upon what I know about my listernership patterns, that means some of you faithful listeners may not be able to listen at peak times.

The good news is that Live365 has a Preferred Listener plan, which costs as little as $3.65/month. Becoming a Preferred Listener would allow you to listen ANY time you -- as a Preferred Member you'll ALWAYS have access. The best part is that Preferred Listeners receive my broadcast COMMERCIAL-FREE. You can take a look at the plan using the button at the bottom

Well, whatever you decide, I hope you will continue listening, and I will do my best to provide you with quality programming! Thanks for your support!

as ever,
Leo Villanova

P.S. Make sure to designate me as your favorite station on your presets page, you'll be directly supporting me, as Live365 will share a portion of your Preferred Membership subscription fee with me!

Support this station and listen ad-free with Live365 Preferred Membership!