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A Night Of Passion


Soft music fills the candle lit room, Just the two of us, with all our love to share. You Kiss my lips and tenderly caress me. Keep telling me how much you care.
Your hands are caressing my breasts. The sensation I feel is so thrilling. The sensation I feel is so thrilling. Every time you make love to me it gets more fulfilling.
Now I'm enjoying your warm wet kisses. They are awakening my passionate senses. When you whisper sweet love words in my ear, the erotic feeling comes on, my body tenses.
Then I tell you how much you mean to me. I kiss your nipples with my wet eager lips. I gaze into your eyes, and caress your face with my finger tips.
Like a manger your body is drawn to mine, I moan with utter delight. With the rhythmical motions of love we conclude a heavenly night.