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M'Lord Deetasial





When I Came To You,
I Was Lost And Alone.
Not Wanting To Trust Anyone,
Or Let Anyone Close Again.

You Broke Through That Shield That
I Had Wrapped Myself Up
Very Tight In.
You Wrapped Me In
Your Loving Arms Instead.
You Mended My Broken Heart
That Had Been Shattered.

I Had Been Confused As
To What Was Right
To What Was Wrong.

You Took The Time To
Teach Me Right From Wrong.

When I Look At You I See
Hope, And Joy.
I See The Half That Will
Make Me Whole Again.
I See My Hopes, Dreams
Yes I See Fears.
I See All I Will Ever Need.
I See My Protector Of All.

Thank You M'Lord
For Finding Me, Loving Me,
Caring For Me As You Do.

To You, And You Alone,
I Promise To Always
Be True.