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A Fallen Tear

Why can I see so clearly,
what had fallen on blinded eyes?
All the hopes and dreams we shared,
were nothing more than lies.
You offered me an eternal future,
for which I only dreamed.
Toying with my emotions,
while you continued to scheme.
Promising to love me,
unconditionally forever and a day,
but in a brief moment pass,
you took it all away.
Is this truly what you had planned
from the very start?
Or was I just so naive,
that I allowed you to victimize my heart?
I offered you my everything,
without a single string attached.
As a pain shoots through my heart,
I realized my love you can never match.
So for now let my tears fall,
allow my heart to grieve.
Comforted by knowing that one day
a special love I too shall receive.