togaku _11/15/2002 08:50:09 PM


togaku _11/15/2002 04:25:43 AM

Damn.. I'm up so freaking early. Need to study maths again, so I won't forget it.

togaku _11/14/2002 07:20:01 PM

WARRGHHHHHHH. Done revising maths. Kind of. GRAPHICSSSSSSSSS!!! ..

togaku _11/14/2002 04:32:30 PM

Shit.. I forgot today's my moms bday. I'm bad at dates.

togaku _11/13/2002 09:44:39 PM

Just got back from this evenings school function. I'm impressed. I must say, it was quite entertaining. I'd say this would be the most entertaining function I've ever been to. Bravo, St. Pauls, Bravo. Alas, I'm exhausted and my back hurts, what you'd usually expect of over three hours of sitting down.

I seriously think that there's this thing going between me and Erica, even though we don't show it. I sense there's this thing going on.

Quite unusual of me, to say such a thing. Indeed.

Good night everybody and takecare.

togaku _11/13/2002 12:57:42 PM

Back from classes. Fart. Hungry.

togaku _11/12/2002 10:13:43 PM

What am I doing up at this hour? I'm usually sleeping around this time. Unfortunately, I'm doing my assignment.

Well..not really. Okay. So I'm actually surfing chick sites And judging from the pictures on Meg's gallery. She almost looks exactly like Erica. It's funny how people, thinking on a world scale here, look-a-like. Or is it natural?

Anyway.. I've done my ITD assignment. Pretty shit, considering that I completed it in an hour. Whatever.

Hrm. Sometimes I feel like there's this weird connection between me and Erica, I keep on seeing her. Not only in school, but after school. Connection? wtf? I must be drinking or something. Talking bullshit..

Blah blah blah. I feel like playing Puddle of Mudd - She Fucking Hates Me in the band. Chris, however, thinks this kinda music is soft. Well... from the stuff he listens to, it is pretty 'soft'. We need a friggin' bass player. And another guitarist. Oh and I heard there's this new band Thumb Shut. I personally haven't heard their song. I think it's a single.

Can't wait to move out of here, gotta concentrate on block testing first, then it's back to what I do best, nothing but sleep. On the other hand, we will continue to play some good music and I'll continue on making site designs, which I absolutely suck at.

Alex is a n00b.

togaku _11/12/2002 05:43:05 PM

Finally got a freaking haircut. I wanted to get one during the weekend. I didn't get one then 'cause too fucking busy. Hair looks fucking funny. It looks like rubbish, to me. The dude, said it looked good. I doubt it. I wasted AUS$15.00 on this. I could've spent it magazine's and stuff. Yeah.

I miss those haircut I usually get in Brunei. Damn cheap and damn good too, well sometimes. Didn't get to practice our music today. Some cunts booked the damn room. I gotta finish up my Appraisal tonight or else I'm fucked. I won't be able to do it tomorrow nor the next day. Tomorrow the school has a function and I have to study for Maths and Graphics this Thursday for Friday. Shit... I need to start studying now. Studying the night before won't do me good.

I know I could've started studying yesterday or the day before. I was slack. And I just got my WinOffice XP Pro GE yesterday and I started working on my layout for my new site. Coming soon by the way.

No other big news, other than this.

togaku _11/11/2002 06:25:43 PM

I give them a year. Anyway... CLICK ME!!

togaku _11/11/2002 06:44:20 AM


togaku _11/10/2002 08:10:01 PM

Just a short entry for today.

Unfortunately, I've been slacking off school work. Which is a real buggger. I just got informed on Friday that my Appraisal for ITD is due in the day before block testing starts. My spider senses things are gonna be really hectic in the upcoming week(s). I just started tthe Appraisal a few minutes ago. I had to do my CE assignment. Which I just copied from the internet. It doesn't matter. It's like PE. You don't have to learn anything, you just do it (I think). I suck at explaining things.

Uhm. I think it's this Wednesday that we have our Middle & Senior School Celebration of Achievement. All students have to freaking go. I say, "Fuck that."


togaku _11/8/2002 07:33:18 PM

Can't blame Alex for being a lazy shit head. It's a fact that us humans are lazy in the morning.

It doesn't matter if you've had two or 20 hours of sleep - waking up in the morning sucks. Doctors say that eight hours of sleep a night is all you need. Bollocks I say - you simply cannot beat the instant gratification of dozing the morning away in bed. Next to tying a midget's shoelace in the middle of a hurricane, getting out of bed in the morning is surely one of the hardest things in the world to do - and one of the most dissapointing.

Okay, so I didn't write that. I actually took that from my FHM mag, Dec2k2 Issue. Anyway... I finally got hosted by Mike. Moving in soon. I'm still thinking about a new design/layout.

togaku _11/7/2002 05:20:11 PM

"My grampa told me me when i was little that when you fart sitting down you have to lean a little to let it out or else it would sneak up your butt crack and blow your belt off. He also said that if you fart in church you have to sniff it all up before everyone else smells it."

I find that hilarious. Har. Visit I used to believe.

togaku _11/7/2002 06:12:26 AM

"A six-man, six-woman jury found her guilty of grand theft and vandalism but not guilty of commercial burglary."

"Ryder has appeared in more than two dozen other movies, including "Mr. Deeds," "Little Women," "Reality Bites" and "Edward Scissorhands.""

"The case had received extensive media attention, partly because most similar cases do not go to trial. Defense attorneys claimed in the trial that prosecutors targeted Ryder because of her celebrity status."

[Source] [Story]

Uhmm.. good morning. Things are looking good today. It's not to hot and not to cold. Not to windy either. A good day to play some music. Chris said he'd bring his guitar. We keep on playing with the schools acoustic. I barely hear what he plays when I play the drums. Heh. We're still playing San Dimas Highschool Football Rules by The Ataris. I wanna try and play either That Special Girl or Your Boyfriend Sucks (both by The Ataris) after we get sick of SDHFR.

Yasmin has a new layout. It's a Michelle Branch layout. There's a girl in my school that looks like her.

And another one like Kristin Kreuk from Smallville. And there's one asian girl that looks like a model I've seen on a magazine before. Can't remember her name.

togaku _11/6/2002 04:50:23 PM

Took some people to notice that I found something really large a few weeks back. Damn. Scroll down to see what I mean (for those of who don't know what I'm freaking talking about)

togaku _11/5/2002 09:06:10 PM

Today's rant: Blah.

togaku _11/4/2002 07:35:46 PM

It was my first time to try playing the drums for San Dimas Highschool Football Rules by The Ataris. Tried it afterschool with Chris playing the guitar. He's fucking good on the guitar. Shit awesome I tell ya. He thought me how to read tabs for the guitar. I finally know. Shit easy.

Tomorrow's Foundation Day. In the morning we'll be going to the Cathedral followed by a long trip back to school via train. Followed by lunch and school activities - tug of war. Followed by two periods. English - we're just watching Blade Runner; a classic sci-fi flick (I remember watching it in JIS). ITD - mucking around, pretending we're busy.

Can't wait for tomorrow's practice. I think Chris might actually bring his electric to school. Since he doesn't have to bring his huge ass amplifier, not to mention his huge ass transformer. Damn heavy man. Looking forward to this.

Oh and about Erika. My lips are sealed. :)

AL _11/4/2002 10:57:04 AM

Maybe.. *bling*

togaku _11/4/2002 06:33:41 AM

(This post is related to the previous post)

I didn't really waste "half of my life" last night. I actually saw Erika there. Which was really surprisingly for me and for her. I think there's a chemistry going here. *cough*

More on this later.

togaku _11/3/2002 07:29:55 PM

I just wasted half of my life in a stupid function. Here's a picture of that stupid function I went to tonight, idiots dancing to Las Ketchup song.

Now... If I didn't go there. I would've get to have extra time to relax and do my CE assignment. And time to iron my clothes and shit. Sometimes I just wish I could have a time machine. Blah blah blah, you know how it goes.

togaku _11/3/2002 12:20:23 PM

I miss Brunei chinese food. I can eat a dozen or so kolo mee dishes when I come back. Alas, I don't know when that'll be. So... to solve this problem. I'll just cook it my self. Hopefully, Angel Lovah will get the [Bruneian] ingredients/receipe and send it to me asap. Heh heh.

Anyway, I've got four more weeks of hell, if you know what I mean - school. Two more weeks till end of year examinations. I think my schedule goes something like, two tests the first day, one test the next day, three days off then another test. And I think I've got a clash between Graphics and ITD on the first day. I don't know. I'll have to find out tomorrow.

Meanwhile, since summer break's coming up. I've been thinking of getting a summer job. I'm thinking of getting a job in an architectural firm or something. Dad says, "You need the experience." Hiak. It's not a bad idea. The thought of getting a coupla extra hundread bucks during the holiday isn't so bad. I'll find out a way to get some "holiday time". Anyway...

I saw that Dirrty video this morning. Christina Aguilera's a slut.

togaku _11/3/2002 08:18:12 AM

BRUDIRECT(London) - Hormones in semen may help to ease female depression because women whose partners don't use condoms are less likely to feel down. - [Story]

togaku _11/2/2002 10:07:09 PM

Well... we played Monopoly from 10 to 2 in the morning. Four hours of craziness. I won. Took me a while to know the rules and stuff. At the end, I ended up owning a 2 corners of the board. And 6 of the land being hotels. Hiak. It was hella better than Twister.

Didn't do anything productive today. Not surprised. Went to the NewsAgent to buy credit for my phone and bought FHM's December Issue - Wicked Two Covered Issue. Yeah, what a waste of money. I know.

togaku _11/1/2002 11:03:56 PM

Currently bored outta my mind. Tried playing Twister with my cousins. Playing Monopoly now. Haven't played this in a long time. I don't even remember how to play it. Rah.

togaku _11/1/2002 05:35:56 PM

"The band" hasn't done any progress at the moment. Chris is slacking off and not bringing his electric guitar to school for us to practice. We don't have a bass guitar. And Note, who wants to play bass, but doesn't wanna spend alot of $$$$$ on a bass guitar. And we're trying to find a cheap one, probably a second hand, but the chances are, it's probably jinxed. And Kim, who's our vocals. Is pretty good. And I, being the drummer. Its pretty hard 'cause I just started reading tabs, and I still need time to get used to it. Though, I've been thinking going back in playing the lead. I dunno.


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