togaku _10/30/2002 08:54:54 PM

I'm looking forward for The Androids new single this January and their album this March. They just pulled a crazy ass stunt on B105. They are good

Everybody knows that Las Ketchup song right? That song is the shit. If you like that song, please tell me why. I can understand why people have different tastes in music. But Las Ketchup? I have to hold it there. I think that song should be banned.

My internet bill wasn't so bad this month? It was only ten bucks over the limit. But still... I want cable/adsl. It's 2003 next year. And I'm still like 1998 or something like that.

togaku _10/30/2002 06:09:45 AM

(CNN) -- The e-mail looks harmless enough: A link to a greeting card that appears to be sent by a friend. But clicking on the link can place porn images on a desktop, download a barrage of x-rated ads, or send similar e-cards to those listed in Outlook's address book.

This just proves that you need to be extra careful while checking your mail.

"It's like the boogy man. It's going that way," said Chris Wraight, tech consultant for anti-virus company Sophos. "You have to be careful and be very, very suspicious." -[Story]


Melbourne Cup Carnival coming soon. So is Halloween. Isn't that this Thursday? Hmm..

togaku _10/29/2002 05:59:24 AM

CNN - AMSTERDAM (Reuters) -- Two British companies said on Monday they would join forces to become a world leader in the technology of glowing plastics, which by 2005 should yield the first roll-up computer screens and TVs. - [Story]


togaku _10/27/2002 07:07:26 PM

You know that 'relax time' I wanted? I finally get to have it. After 36 hours of doing assignments. And that's only two assignments. So.. I think I have two more assignments to finish up. From 6 to 2 in a week. Woah. O_O

My last two assignments are IDT and English. English is due in this Wednesday. I just need to finish up my final draft. Good thing it only require minimal thinking. IDT.. well. it's mostly practical work. I just need to finish manufacturing my wine cabinet and presto, habis. Although... that's due in next week too. So it'll be hectic.

When I used to do DT (same as ITD) in JIS, I think we got a term and a half to finish up our major coursework. Here, they give us like 3-5 weeks. Imagine what I can accomplish in 8 weeks of work instead of 5. A LOT.

I'll be fucking happy after block testing (Nov 14 onwards for a week or so). Just like the feeling I had after I finished ALL of my coursework in JIS. I think I'm more stressed here than there. Almost all of the subjects I take, we have assignments. Which is the shit.

So now that I'm relaxed and all... I'm asking U-fhern, who lives in a boarding house full of hot chix0rz(I think), to take some pics. Hah. I may sound perverted, but I'm not.

Seriously, I'm not.

You'd know how I'd feel If you were in my school right now. Sometimes the school can be so fucking dumb. They already know that it's fucking hot outside and yet they wanted to have an outdoor assembly because of the Canteen thing. But anyways, nothing much happened on that day.

Today... as I said, I've accomplised a lot. It rained today, in fact, it's still raining. Finally, after several months of drought. And what a coincidence, it rained after the FarmHand Drought Charity concert last night. Didn't watch it. Too busy doing assignments. Just saw a glimpse of it. It was all right - judging from the glimpse I saw.

Selina Tang_10/27/2002 01:18:33 AM


Well I haven't written in ages cos I've been wicked busy. Let's see...I got a job, work attachment at the Sheraton, wahey. LOL I don't get paid but I get free food. I'm doing this till Dec 13...cos I dont' start school till Jan - come to think of it, I still haven't found a school yet, crap!! LOL =] And I help out at the CDC (Child Development Centre) on Saturdays...cos I'm a good person. LOL oh John, that money you found, give it to charity! Or hand it in, honestly, if you just keep it, it'll play on your conscience forever!!

Anyway, if you guys haven't heard this song yet, you should!! It's called Spin, by Lifehouse. It sooo way lives up to Hanging By a Moment!! I love this song, it's so sweet, I'm gonna learn how to play it on guitar if it's the last thing I do!! =] Anyway, I realised how hot Hugh Jackman was the other day. LOL I mean, I always knew he looked good (Wolverine was the only reason why I watched X-Men!!), but I watched Someone Like You the other day and it was like, eye opener!!! LOL why don't I know anyone who's as great as Hugh Jackman's character in that movie? It's true what they say, reality bites. =]

Anyways, that's my input for the day. Here's a joke for you. A neutron walks into a bar and goes to the bartender, "How much for a pint of beer?" And the bartender goes, "For you, no charge." Ho ho ho. LOL hey it's good if you wanna remember your neutrons, protons and electrons....LOL anyway I think I've made enough useless comments to last me a couple more weeks.

Hope you're happy J, I finally posted a message on your website. =]


I'm bored, email me if you want,

togaku _10/26/2002 09:44:26 AM

Took a long walk to gather my thoughts yesterday. I think I'm just stressed and shit. I'm fine now. No worries. No worries at all. So... another weekend it is. I don't plan to go out yet. I need to finish my two assignments due in Monday. I've almost finished one. I have to start the other one soon. So I can have time to relax.

togaku _10/25/2002 04:48:03 PM

I feel like moving out of this fucking house. I feel like I'm a fucking slave around here.. Do this. Do that. Fucking hell.. I find my self having no time to fuckinh do my assignments and other school shit and time to fucking relax. My back bloody hurts. Fucking hell.. I'm gonna look for apartments. I'll live by myself if I fucking have to.

If I can't. I'll just go to Chermside everyday... Just go home when I need to - Eat, Sleep. Whatever. Fuck.

togaku _10/23/2002 09:27:02 PM

Psycho... wants 10 million slashes on his back.

togaku _10/23/2002 05:14:04 PM

Jesus... take a look at this conversation with the n00b - Alex (after I told him about the money). [Neolithic is Alex]

j. | are you there? says:
shit man..
j. | are you there? says:
i found money in the shopping mall.
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
how much
j. | are you there? says:
4k exact.
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
no shit.
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
what u do with it..
j. | are you there? says:
i dunno eh.
j. | are you there? says:
see my site cheebai.
j. | are you there? says:
need suggestions.
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
j. | are you there? says:
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
did mike email u?
j. | are you there? says:
j. | are you there? says:
but after the second mail i sent.
j. | are you there? says:
no reply yet.
j. | are you there? says:
he wanted my url to see my site
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
eh u fuck
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
j. | are you there? says:
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
j. | are you there? says:
u dont believe me kah?
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
mail some over.
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
2k enuff
j. | are you there? says:
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
we frens for life
j. | are you there? says:
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
j. | are you there? says:
j. | are you there? says:
you are greedy.
j. | are you there? says:
money isn't everything.
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
are u gonna report to police.?
j. | are you there? says:
i think i should give it to charity or something.
j. | are you there? says:
i dunno.
j. | are you there? says:
not sure yet.
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
maybe the owner need it for medical purposes
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
and u just took it
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
but who cares.
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
j. | are you there? says:
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
dun care mail me some
j. | are you there? says:
dumb fuck.
j. | are you there? says:
need to think about this.
j. | are you there? says:
no rush.
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
whats there to think..
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
u still need to think?
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
N e o l i t h i c . r e p e r c u s s i o n. R l i n q u i s h says:
need to think more.?

Alex is evil.

togaku _10/23/2002 05:00:10 PM

My spider senses sensed something BIG's gonna happen this morning. I don't know if it was the part where I finally did my oral presentation after 3 (day) delays. I don't know if it's the dust storm that's probably gonna head for Brisbane in a few hours due to the fucking drought. Or the fact that I picked up a large sum of money after school. And I'm not lieing.

I just found that on the ground when I got out of the car at Chermside shopping mall. Shit... I'm not kidding. That ain't fake money. Too bad it ain't all in hundreds. Heh.. What should I do with it? Return it to the bank? Or give it to charity?

Any suggestions? Comment please.

togaku _10/22/2002 05:43:08 PM

I planned my week after school, during lunch to finish up my Maths Assignment which I haven't started until today and it's due in by the end of this week.

I finished it today. Did some of it in the morning, then did most of it during Maths period, a few adjustments during lunch and finished it off after school and at home. Woo-hoo.

Now let's see If I can finish my Earth Science field report tomorrow. Do I have ES tomorrow? Hmmm... Yes. Last period. Can I do it? I doubt it. This assignment's a huge bitch. I just can't think of what to write... sure just write about what we saw during the excursion. But like... all I saw was rock in different angles and colours. And some other weirds shit.

Fuck... have English tomorrow. Gonna do my oral tomorrow. ...AH. Got IPT. Sleeppp.

togaku _10/21/2002 06:24:05 AM

Damn... All state schools and most private schools have a holiday today. And we don't. :'(

togaku _10/20/2002 11:37:38 AM

Does anybody have a good copy of The Androids - Do it with madonna mp3? I searched in kazaa and ALL the search results were a radio copy version. And I tried searching in trusty google. They don't have it. Help me?

togaku _10/20/2002 07:30:33 AM

I'm not sure If I have a holiday tomorrow. It would be great If I had one because I really need some time to work on my assignments. I already skipped PE yesterday to do some research for Geology and kinda did some Maths. The Maths assignment's pretty easy. But due to the fact that I'm a bit confused right now. I'm gonna cheat by asking Danny to help me. He's a smart ass dude.

I didn't go for our basketball match yesterday. I think we won. I hope so. But... it doesn't really matter 'cause we're out of the freaking season. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue basketball next year. The team's slacking off. I think I'll go back to skateboarding. The problem is, I don't have a deck. And I don't want to spend MY MONEY on a brand new deck and trucks, the full set. It would cost more or less than AUS$300. Or maybe even AUS$400. With that amount of money, I can already buy an X-Box or a GameCube.

togaku _10/20/2002 07:19:43 AM

Got 7 assignments. I'm fucked. Bad.

togaku _10/18/2002 06:34:36 AM

Yesterday's excursion was fine. Just fine. It was blood hot. But it was just fine.

I think I'll buy a recharge card for my phone before November 30th. I might win one of two Hyundai Getz. Lol. Good thing my phone expires in 6 months.

D|eZeL _10/17/2002 09:26:20 PM

don't care if it has grammer mistakes.

Bwahahaha. can't even spell GRAMMAR . hahaha. lolz

togaku _10/16/2002 06:09:32 PM

Didn't get to do our orals today. Mr du Preez (pronounced doo-pree) gave us a long lecture that took the whole hour. And I managed to get an extension for my Personal Narrative piece. It's due in this Thursday. And I finished it, just now. It's just a draft. So I don't care if it has grammar mistakes or something like that.

Tomorrow's my Geology excursion to Glasshouse Mountains, and Shorncliff. It's gonna take up the whole school time. Bwahaha. Though, after that.. I'm gonna get another freaking assignment.

So now I think I have...five more assignments/assesments to do. That includes the new ones I'm getting this week and most probably next week. One of them is due on the 28th October. And one of them I have no fucking clue. That's ITD. No worries, I've done the theory work. We're working on our practicals now. And so far... things are looking good. The other three assignments. I haven't received yet.

Shit.. I'm running low on cash. Need to walk to the nearest ATM. That's more or less five minutes of good fresh air and exercise. I think I'll go do it now, before it gets dark.

togaku _10/14/2002 10:31:34 PM

Around this time, I should be under my bed sheet covers sleeping like a baby. It's obvious that I'm not, and it's because that I was working on my English oral presentation, speech, that I just finished! RAH!! I think it's more like a 20 minute speech rather than a 5 minute one. But who gives a shit. A speech's a speech.

Hmmm.. just today my teacher gave us a lecture on how we will make sacrifices in order to complete tasks that are important to our future lifes (or something similar to that). I'm not surprised that he gave us that lecture because I've heard all kinds of lectures about that from my old school and my parents. I'd had enough. I think I'll sacrifice basketball training tomorrow. My cough is coming back! Damn ice-cream... dope.

So after my oral, I think I'll have my personal narrative to finish off and Graphics, IDT assignment to do. I think I'll have another assignment to do this coming week. Because we're having an excursion to Glasshouse mountains and to Shorncliff, and it's likely that we'll have to follow up a field report. Hmm... let me see. I think those are most of my assignments at the moment. I hope I don't get anymore. Especially for IPT. NO ASSIGNMENTS FOR IPT. PLEASE.

togaku _10/14/2002 05:13:16 PM

...Oral's this upcoming Wednesday. FUX! I hate orals. I think I'll go first, just to get it done and over with. I don't give a shit If my teacher gives me a bloody C. I'm fed up with all the work the teachers are giving me. I want time to relax damn it. I think I have 4-5 weeks till my end of year exams. And after that, I'll have another week left. Ahhh... the horror.

Hmm.. such a short term it is.

Bye now. Need to finsih my 5 minute speech. It's gonna be the shit.

togaku _10/13/2002 12:43:47 AM

I can't sleep. I'm worried that I'm not getting enough time to finish up all my assignments, assesments. I totally screwed up my IPT test. Yesterday (Friday) was suppose to be the last day. My fucking teacher kindly gave us an extra day to bloody finish it. So I took this chance to print out the codes and shit. I still have no fucking clue what to do. Fuck it. It's the freaking last term of the year. I don't care if I fail fucking IPT. I'll get my chance next year. Besides, I'd rather concentrate more on my Graphics and ITD and uh.. Earth Science. I don't see myself working infront of the PC 24/7. I think the lens of my glasses would probably be fucking thick by then. Scary thought.

Didn't do much today. I didn't go to my basketball game against John Paul College this morning. I haven't asked anybody how it went. We probably lost. They fucking train like pros! Everyday, after school. Fuck. Phreeks. I hope the Open A's beat the shit out of John Paul's Open A. I went to the city to get some money to pay my phone bill. Argh... my dad's gonna be pissed when he sees... nevermind.

Anyhow.. I wanted to do something else rather than being a net junkie. So... I went to K-Mart and I bought myself a boardgame or something rather. Twister! Haha.. I was almost gonna buy a GameCube console. Fuck man. So cheap. AUS$300. X-box was around AUS$400. PS2 was around AUS$100. Just kidding. It wouldn't be that fucking cheap. It was more or less AUS$300. Same as GameCube. The games on GameCube are awesome. And the Graphics... woah. The first game I'd probably buy is "Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader", if I buy the console that is. I saw a review on it on SBS, the game is to die for (Well not really). Though... I've heard that the graphics on X-Box is way better than PS2 and GameCube. I never really noticed it in the shops. They all look the same to me. If I had GameCube right now, I'd probably get U's for my end of year report. And I'd regret it 'cause the games cost like a fortune. So... at the moment.. I'm just gonna stick to my PC. Just need to upgrade it. I need to check out how much the hard-drives cost here. It's a very rare thing to see cheap computer appliances around here. I also need to buy an optical mouse. Need it for my Graphics. Everytime I try to draw something on AutoCAD. I have to squeeze the side parts of the mouse to move it accurately and it sticks to my mouse pad.

That's all for now. I don't think I'll be posting much anymore. I seriously-really-really-really want to get my assignments and assesments done and over with.

togaku _10/10/2002 09:35:59 PM

I just realised that tomorrow's the last day of school for the week. I kinda almost lost track of time there. I'm gonna watch SwinFan this weekend. If I get the time that is. My weekend's most probably going to be just like my freaking weekdays. Busy busy. No rest. That's why I'm not getting well. I'm still ill. I need like a weeks of freaking rest to get better. Rah!!

togaku _10/10/2002 05:58:30 PM

Had basketball training this afternoon. I attended but I didn't do anything. I just watched. I still have the fucking cough. My lungs feel like their going to "dry-out". Got a match against John Paul this weekend. The best basketball teams in the state.

Anyways.. I'm still in alot of pressure. Especially my IPT test. Fuck eh. Anyone know how to code the game "Acey Deucey" using Delphi? HELP!!!! I can't even finish question 1 for crying out loud! I'm seriously fucked. I've been trying to find a copy of the code online, I tried Google already. They have the game, but they don't have the copy of the codes using Delphi. Arghhhhhhhhh!!

Let us all blame my teacher for not teaching us properly. Cunt.

togaku _10/9/2002 11:04:58 PM

Did anybody hear about the new 10th planet in our solar system? I'm trying to find an article about it online. I forgot the name of the planet. It started with the letter "D" or something rather. That's all I can remember right now. I know this doesn't interest most of you. But what the heck. I call that news. Besides... there's nothing else interesting to talk about, tonite.

Oh.. and. Yeah. Slight change in layout. Got tired of green banner and the site was too 'dark' so I changed the background.

Update 10/10/2002 @ 17:45
Here's the link for the article about the 10th planet. If I'm not mistaken.

Update 13/10/2002 @ 16:11
Okay.. here's a definite link about the 10th planet. By the way, the planet started from the letter "Q" not "D". I can be such a n00b sometimes. Not all the time. Unlike Alex. He's a n00b 24/7. It's like it's his job or something rather. His site has a coughnicecoughlayout. :) Go give him hits. Get me hits too. Haha. The fak.

togaku _10/9/2002 05:37:16 PM

Singapore sex lessons by text message - Hrmm... isn't Alex from S'pore? Heh. Try it Alex! Try it! Kidding.

togaku _10/9/2002 04:43:09 PM

Handed in my Earth Science assignment. We're having another excursion next week. After that we have a freaking field report to do and an end of year test.

At the moment I have my Graphics, Industrial Technology of Design and English assignments to do. Well.. I think that's all of it. I can't recall any other freaking assignments I have to do. My graphics is gonna be a pain in the ass, where as it's due this month on the 28th. Ahh.. the pressure. The ITD assignment isn't bad at all. I've done some of the needed paper work. Right now, we're just having practicals. I'm making a wine rack. w00t! HA. My English is bitch. Huge bitch. I have a personal narrative to do. And a speech based on the book Fahrenheit 451.

So many things to do in such a short period of time - this term's pretty short. It's only 6-8 week I think. Then we've got our summer vacation. I'm looking forward for this long ass vacation, most probably gonna stay in Gold Coast or something rather. Speaking of season change. It's spring now's fucking hot. It's irritating at times. But it does have its advantages. If you know what I mean. If you don't ...don't worry.

Anyway.. I better get started on my Graphics shit I mean assignment.

PS. Jen. Call me.

togaku _10/7/2002 09:46:08 PM

Jesus... everyone's having new layouts.. I want one too. Problem. No time.

togaku _10/7/2002 06:34:14 AM

Noooooooooooooo... school.. :'(

Half awake right now. I woke up too early. The sun was already up when it was half past five. Heck.. I thought I was late. Now I have an hour and a half to spare, till my bus arrives.

togaku _10/6/2002 04:46:09 PM

I give up. I can't do my English work. I don't know why. I try to think of something to write about. But it's too god damn hard. I hate writing personal narrative story's. Anyway.. that's it for now.

togaku _10/6/2002 10:32:49 AM

I hate this website. I hate the designs I come up with. Fuck this site.

I haven't finished my English story. I'm fucked. My brain's not functioning. It's still on holiday. Stress the word, HOLIDAY. Fuck my holidays. I didn't even get to relax.

Fuck this post.

togaku _10/5/2002 12:10:48 PM

...It's a Saturday. Tomorrow's the last day of term break. And I'm still sick. I went to the doctor yesterday. They said my condition wasn't so 'hazardous'. I hate being sick. Who doesn't.

Anyway.. I don't know what to post about. So fuck off. Just kidding.

togaku _10/1/2002 10:09:06 PM

Pft... I don't know how my phone bill reached to AUS$169.91 this month. Last month it was AUS$212.60. And that includes tax. And I think my internet bill has doubled its original price plan. I don't know much about my mobile phone bill... I barely use it nowadays. Just sending a freaking single SMS cost me around 25 cents. I'm gonna be broke after paying my bills. I guess I'm not the only one with this problem. It seems Alex has dried out as well.

I finally finish coding up my project for Geology. Took me a while.

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