Syazy is lovable_8/20/2002 03:33:02 PM

where the hell is John?

where can he be on a melbourny_cold_afternoon...

heh. fakin hell.

how i wish i was in brisbane..
change places? mau?

kiss me.

Angel Lovah_8/17/2002 11:38:25 PM

Hellewww. Don't close down. Seriously, don't. =)

Syazy is lovable_8/17/2002 01:57:07 AM

he pissed.
he pissed.
he's pissed off.

u pissed of John?

right.yea. i didn't think so too.

so what is there to rant on about at 2am in the morning..
let me see..
let me SEE..
let me SEEEEE...

i see something..
wow. a box of tim tams.

gotta run.gotta eat em all. gotta put this unholy diet to an end.

kiss me.

togaku _8/16/2002 09:03:25 PM

I haven't posted for a week and already it seems like months. Whatever. I'm going to close down the site, for good this time. It's not because I can't find the time to post. And It's not because I don't have alot to talk about. I have alot to talk about, but I just don't feel like blogging about it. I just don't feel like sharing anymore.

But this doesn't mean that I'll stop making website designs. I'll still make 'em. But maybe I'll give it to a friend or something like that. But I doubt I'd have time for that. I'm not that good in designing websites anyway. Oh well...

Angel Lovah_8/14/2002 06:24:04 PM


Angel Lovah_8/14/2002 06:24:00 PM


Selina Tang_8/13/2002 06:56:55 PM

Hey...D|eZeL, dude, you're not the only one worried bout the GCSE results!! I get these panic attacks from time to time and I think, "Oh my God what if I failed?!" LOL and everyone's expecting me to get an A or A* for my Science but what if I got a B or a C?! LOL I just wish the results were out. Hey when are they out? LOL =]

I'm bored...Brunei's so boring. There's nothing to do and I'm bored. I'm at someone's house right now, a cousin of my friends from S'pore, they're here too. Let's just say it's a small world. Tried watching Queen of the Damned just now on VCD, damn it's such a freaking boring movie!! It's slow, it's unrealistic...I think I'll stick to Buffy from now on. Besides, Lestat (or whatever the name of the main vampire in that movie was) is no where near as cute as Spike!! LOL =] Well Spike isn't THAT cute but whatever. I need a guy. Hahahahaha no wait, I don't NEED one, I just want one. Interested? Call me. ;]

Out of curiousity, who actually reads this? Just wondering cos I don't post very often and so I don't read many posts. LOL okay you can tell I've run outta things to say. John, I'm sorry but I hope this is long enough for you! =]

Love ya

P/S I'm gonna go to dinner at the Empire tonight!! Yeah baby! =]

togaku _8/9/2002 08:53:39 PM

What a shitty day it's been. Got a fucking basketball match tomorrow morning in school. We're gonna lose.

D|eZeL _8/6/2002 05:14:42 AM

hey dude. last time it was, "I'm closing down, I'm closing down" and now? its "I'm not closing down" Make up your mind man!~ lol. Brunei Sux! but the Holz rox! Hope my gcse results are gonna be fine! what do u think of yours John?

togaku _8/5/2002 06:42:28 PM

...Please don't stop visiting the site. I'm not closing down. I just can't post regularly nowadays. So If I don't post in a week or so. Keep giving me hits. Yeah?

Well.. it's another 'fresh' week. Eight more weeks and hopefully I'll be enjoying two weeks of my term break in GoldCoast. Winter's almost over here... It's getting warmer. Soon I won't have to wear my silly jumper or my blazer anymore. Anyway... I'm pretty much busy with freaking school assignments, etc etc. In fact, I should be doing my graphics homework and studying for my IPT test tomorrow.

togaku _8/1/2002 06:59:51 AM


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