togaku _7/26/2002 07:22:46 PM

Big Fat Liar: Certainly not a 'must-watch' movie. You should only watch it if you're really into comedy. Somehow, I find myself starring at Amanda Bynes's breast. Weird I know. I just can't help it. A girl at that age (14 or so) with that size of uh... chest. And I'm not a perv. I'm just saying that she has huge, you know.

The cinema's here are a bit slow (compared to Brunei). The movie The Sum Of All Fears is still on the 'coming soon' list. And you know everytime before a movie, they show trailers of some upcoming movies, well, I saw the trailer for The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course movie. Well, based on the trailer, the movie doesn't seem that corny. If you wanna know what The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course movie is about, keep on reading. "On the big screen and in big trouble, Aussie adventurer, Steve Irwin and his wife, Terri don't know that the croc they are trying to save from poachers has swallowed a US satellite beacon and the "poachers" are CIA agents who think they are spies." Well from all that text (courtesy of the cinema's movie guide), it may seem a lame movie. But I dunno, it seemed interesting from the trailer. Yeah, well.. that's what trailers do. Damn teasers.

Hmm... gotta go. Gonna watch Celebrity Big Brother. Imogen Bailey...

togaku _7/26/2002 04:05:42 PM

Finally, a weekend. Gonna go to Chermside tonight and watch Big Fat Liar. The movie seems really funny from the trailer. So I'm looking forward to it. I haven't watched any latest movies since I left Brunei. Argh... they don't sell VCDs here..and the DVDs here are expensive. Well, I think so anyway.

Another thing that I haven't done since I left Brunei is playing the acoustic guitar. Yeah.. I probably forgot the 'stuff' I played before. So now I'm learning to play the drums, I can sorta perfectly play 8 beat and 16 beat. And that's just in two days. Though... I'm trying to play 'modified' 8 & 16 beat together.

togaku _7/25/2002 09:46:39 PM

Thanks to my Geology teacher... I wouldn't have known about this. Anyway...

...the week's coming to an end. Ahhh.. what a long week it's been. I think I have 8 more weeks to go until my term break. Can't wait. I need a holiday (already!). By the way, did I mention that I'm getting my driving license this November? Nice huh? Yeah.. it's sweet. It's getting late... I need my fucking sleep. It's my cousin's birthday tomorrow... I think I'll give her all my coins.

togaku _7/22/2002 04:47:04 PM

Fact: My hits increased from 6 to 7 since I started posting again.

How shitty.

togaku _7/21/2002 09:37:58 PM

I just finished watching the opening night of Celebrity Big Brother. Imogen Bailey's hot. Kimberley Cooper's fine too. Damn. Got school tomorrow. Fuck. Gotta wake up early 'cause I'm taking the bus. Damn. It's gonna be another long week.

togaku _7/21/2002 04:56:17 PM

Hmm.. I just realised that I mentioned about having a new layout sometime in the near future in my previous posts. Sorry, but I haven't worked on any layouts since I left Brunei. And I doubt that I'll even get time to make the other layouts for a coupla people. Sorry guys.. I just can't find the spare time to work make your layouts.

Anyway.. time for my shower.

togaku _7/20/2002 06:22:46 PM

..I'm closing down? That's impossible! Heh?

Anyway... A thousand apologies for not posting so much anymore. I barely can't find the time to post nowadays. So sad. Hmm.. so what's new you may ask? Nothing much really. For those people who don't know where I am, I'm in Brisbane. For good. That's right. For good. For. Good. But.. you don't care do you?

For those of you who care: The weather here is just fine. It's sunny and cold in the wee hours and fucking cold during late nights. It hasn't rained since I got here, which is a good thing 'cause I usually take the bus to go to school. And the walk from my house to the bus stop is a long way. And it's sorta slighty an up-hill walk going home from the bus stop. I hope I won't get my asthma back. I used to have it when I was in Sydney. Ahh.. Sydney. It has changed a lot from what I remember when I was 1-2 years old. Actually I couldn't remember what it looked like, I kinda had help from the photo album. It would be a miracle if I could remember things I saw when I was 1-2 years old.

...I'm reading Tom Clancy Clear And Present Danger. For those of you who know me. Surprising isn't it? I know I don't read novels. But I think it's time for a change. Haha. Whatever.

School work is pretty much easy 'cause most of the stuff I've already learnt in my previous school. Although, my internet is still fucked. It's the same story back in Brunei. The area I'm living in has no access to cable or adsl. Shit.

Anyway. That's it for now.

Selina Tang_7/18/2002 04:43:24 PM

What? John you're closing down? Wait, are you closing down your blogger thing? WHY DOESN'T ANYONE EVER TELL ME ANYTHING AROUND HERE?! LOL whatever, I don't care if you're closing down, whatever you mean by it. I'm gonna post cos I'm bored. Hi everyone. I just watched MIB 2, it's pretty funny. Apart from trying to stop Martin from feeling me up (LOL!! Don't ask), it was an enjoyable experience...hahahahaha oooo big words. I'm all alone now, they all went to Gadong and I'm stuck here in Bandar cos I dont' want to go to Gadong. Some people I don't particularly enjoy the company of are there today, so I'm staying away. LOL =]

There's a party on at my friend's house on Saturday night. He lives right next door. Should I go? I dunno. Decisions decisions...okay I'll stop boring everyone now. Byeeeeee...!!

Love ya'z

togaku _7/7/2002 02:03:54 PM

Ahhh... sorry for the lack of posts. Been busy. Anyway... expect a new layout in a coupla weeks or so.

Pretentious Bitch_7/3/2002 07:56:14 PM

John is cute.

syaz is cuter.

so here's a plug for syaz



have i told you all that SYAZ is cute?

eh opps.

i plugged her again.

syaz. syaz. syaz.

kiss syaz :)

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