togaku _6/30/2002 09:48:02 PM


togaku _6/30/2002 01:08:23 AM

It's late night (early morning rather), and still... I'm wide awake. This has been going on for the past few weeks. Which is very unhealthy. This could lead to insomnia or something. =\


...Can't think of anything to post about. My brain's totally blank at the moment.

Anyway... gotta go, watching Jay Leno.

togaku _6/29/2002 10:38:20 PM


togaku _6/29/2002 04:47:23 PM

Is it just me? Or does that thing below/under his nose give you the middle finger? Anyways, that's one of the aliens starring in MIB2 (MIIB). Click here for more.

The Men In Black. Agent K and J.

Another movie that I'm looking forward to watching...

togaku _6/29/2002 04:24:53 PM

Has anyone watched Minority Report yet? This movie is a must watch. It's so god damn creative. Good stuff.

Selina Tang_6/29/2002 12:21:56 AM prom (ISB's prom) was pretty good...apart from the band which offence or anything, but seriously, "Sexbomb"?! And Ricky Martin songs? Come ON. WE have taste, even if you don't. LOL anyway. I had fun. Now I have no idea when I'm going to see everyone again. There was a party tonight, over at Dave's house...I was gonna go but not a lot of people I knew were going so...stuff that. LOL and maybe I shouldn't even have logged on one's online apart from John (hey bro!) and I'm bored...and I'm just gonna go now.

LOL peace!

togaku _6/28/2002 12:47:03 AM

I know.... sad ain't it.

Haha.. but anyway. You people should watch the Gif Animations.. Pretty funny (I reckon).

Pretentious Bitch_6/28/2002 12:42:04 AM

erh..stick people?

what ever happened to porn!?!?!?

kiss me.

togaku _6/28/2002 12:38:34 AM

Pretentious Bitch_6/28/2002 12:37:24 AM

haha halo sick people.

urgh..Syaz!?!?!? what is she doing here?

m e t a b u r n . says:
i got an idea. u post for me lah.. since my posters malas post..
SYAZZA - wal kurvak nak buka puasuul ka bisalullazi. says:
eh what makes u think i post on mine?
SYAZZA - wal kurvak nak buka puasuul ka bisalullazi. says:
haha can also. if u dun mind short posts.'s some quality advice..
if u hate me.
send me hate mail.
if u love me
send me fan mail.
if u hate me and love me.. phone low batt..
ill get back to u on that one.. hee-hee (what the?!?!?)

wah. I'm posting on three sites now...
i feel special.

kiss me.

togaku _6/28/2002 12:30:32 AM

togaku _6/28/2002 12:21:59 AM

togaku _6/27/2002 11:58:00 PM

togaku _6/27/2002 10:11:54 PM

Next week's gonna be one hell of a busy week for me.

togaku _6/27/2002 01:23:28 PM

I have 3 days to finish packing.. Pftt...

Movies I'd like to watch in the near future: xXx, Minority Report, Die Another Day, Mr. Deeds, MIB II, Windtalkers.

and movies I'd like to watch in late future: Spider-Man 2, X-Men 2, Star Wars Episode III, LOTR: TTT, Terminator 3: Rise of the machines, Matrix Reloaded.

and movies I'm currently watching: The Sum of All Fears, Hartz War, Undercover Brother, Bad Company.

I couldn't think of anything else to post about. Bleh...

togaku _6/26/2002 09:24:00 PM

BRASIL! WOOOOoooooooooooooo.....

togaku _6/25/2002 02:19:55 PM

I'm back at home (sad to say). Exams are finally over... and it's time to pack my bags and leave (and never come back for that matter). I guess now I can finish up that S.o.S. Counter-Strike Clan website? No?

I wanna watch Minority Report.

togaku _6/24/2002 05:45:39 PM

I'm back from the dead (being offline that is). You won't believe where I'm posting from... I'm in Canada. It's vacation time. I have a test tomorrow but fuck it. It's the last one anyway. Bwahahahahaha... lah. Just kidding. I'm still here in Brunei (Yes, I lied). You wouldn't really believe that I would be that dumb to not finish my examinations, when it's the last one out of the whole bunch. But... boy do I need a vacation right now. To tell you the truth, I'm already on somekind of vacation... slacking around and stuff (in other words, not revising when I'm suppose to). I've been watching alot of bootleg vcds lately, one of them being The Sum Of All Fears. Nice movie. It's one of those movies where you have a nuke and (as usual) is set to kill millions and millions of people (and my guesses are, most of them targets being in America). Yes, you've probably seen it already, so... no point telling what it's about. Eh?

One week left...

togaku _6/22/2002 01:28:32 PM

Site will be temporarily offline cause i'm working on the S.o.S. Counter-Strike Clan site...

togaku _6/21/2002 10:33:05 PM


Will post more later on tonight. Maybe.

togaku _6/21/2002 04:46:27 PM

New layout coming up (tonight maybe). Sick and tired of this shit ass layout. You were right chay, it needs a change.

Woohoo.. one exam left! Woohoo... Brazil won! bwahahahah...


Just finished uploading the new layout.


I'm beginning to hate this layout. Ah.. screw it. And by the way, links don't work.

D|eZeL _6/21/2002 01:51:07 AM

What the hell. I can't get anything into my head about the IT stuff. Hope it's gonna be more to a like common sense questions in the paper. haha. England - Brazil match straight after the exam. Gotta get to it before I miss anything precious!

togaku _6/20/2002 10:11:20 PM

Ahhh... just finished "revising".

D|eZeL _6/19/2002 01:19:59 PM

Stupid IT exam. hmph. People are having fun already and we're still having 2 more IT papers. Boring~

togaku _6/18/2002 08:56:47 PM

...I still don't have my comp at home. It's still at the shop for service. And I haven't studied "properly" for my IT. Every time I "try" to study, I fall a sleep. Have two nights left to study for my first IT paper. And I have two exams left. And I have two weeks left in Brunei.

Angel Lovah_6/18/2002 08:26:38 PM

Hey hey hey hey.. Unexpected? Haha, I read u alright =P Been a long time.. Just popped by to say gd'luckS in ur remaining exams, if any really.. fine.. fine.. Time..passes by so fast..

D|eZeL _6/18/2002 04:28:37 AM

It's 4 in the morning and I can't believe that I am still awake. I should be studying by now for my IT exam. =/ Well, Brazil won the match just now so, that means that England are going to face them in the Quarter Finals. That is going to be a tough match for the English.

It's late, it's late, it's late. damn. Got to get myself some sleep before I get smacked in the head by my parents if they find out.

D|eZeL _6/17/2002 02:16:01 AM

Senegal is good. The "underdogs" are now very strong indeed having advanced to the Quarters after beating Sweden 2-1. Impressive show by the Senegalis. El-Hadji Diouf is a very young and talented player and I am sure he would shine being at Anfield next season.

Well, gotta run. It's late and it's time to snore. adioz

togaku _6/15/2002 09:06:37 PM

I sent my CPU for service and I wanted them to check my drivers and also I bought a new graphics card, GeForce4 (ASUS), and I'm lazy to do it at home. Besides, I've got an IT exam to study for. Currently using my mum's laptop. I won't be online in the next coupla days. I need this, so I can concentrate on my IT exam. Yes. No more slacking off. I bet everyone's excited that England's leading 3-0 against Denmark huh. DON'T GIVE UP DENMARK! Hah.

...I feel the need to change the layout.

togaku _6/13/2002 11:47:51 PM

No sleep 2nite. Kannot Sleep. Poop. Kannot. Kannot. Poop.

togaku _6/13/2002 02:30:52 PM

Have a week to study for IT exam paper 1. I think I'll use it wisely. Unlike my maths exam, I didn't study at all. Slack.

D|eZeL _6/13/2002 12:54:27 PM

Hmm... another boring day for me I guess. Have nothing else which is worth doing. hmph. Laterz

togaku _6/13/2002 11:52:09 AM

Lakers win v Nets on Game 4. Nice.

togaku _6/13/2002 09:25:11 AM

I feel like making a new layout. Something old school.... I think I just might. My current layout's getting boring. Plus, I don't have anything else to do.

togaku _6/12/2002 02:48:02 PM

Currently listening to Jimmy Eat World - Authority Song. I think this is one of the songs played in National Lampoon's Van Wilder movie. If you're into alternative rock, download it. Either in KaZaA or here (via AudioGalaxy). I can't supply the .mp3 myself cause my host (Angelfire and Brinkster) don't upload .mp3's (And they can't support it). I need a new host. Not only because I can't upload .mp3's but because Angelfire sucks. Sucks. I would've used FateBack but their server's really going boinkers. Can't even upload an .html. If I used geocities, it would be the same case - pop up advertisements, banners, all that bullshit. But anyhow, it's no big deal.

...Some cunt in school has the new Nokia 8910. Awesome phone. It could be the new replica for the Matrix phone. I wouldn't be surprised if they used it in the upcoming movie, Matrix Reloaded. It's one hell of a phone. But the cunt who owned it, didn't deserved it at all. Bastard.

Woah.. I have two and a half weeks left. Shit. And I haven't finished packing. Heck... I barely even started. I'm lazy. Can't help it. Maybe it's the study leave. I don't know. But I think it's the study leave.

togaku _6/12/2002 01:22:04 AM

My plans for tomorrow.


To be continued...

togaku _6/11/2002 01:20:23 PM

Ah yes... Exams are coming to an end (almost anyway). So close but yet so far, just like shooting a wide goal in football. Hmm.. The Denmark v France match is in a coupla more hours (an hour and 15 minutes to be exact). GO FRANCE GO!

Update @ 04:27PM

D|eZeL _6/11/2002 06:29:55 AM

Good Morning. Rise and Shine! It's time for the Maths exam. Hope I did enough revision for this paper 2. John, I can't sleep as well, i think i only managed to sleep at 2.15 and I don't know how, but I just woke up at around 4.45 and I can't get back to sleep.

Almost another 2 hours till the exam starts. After this Maths exam, like what John said, there would be 2 more papers for us. yay. But, unfortunately, some of our classmates finish their exams today. damn. =/ Oh well, it isn't that bad after all. The first 2 weeks of the exam was a headache. haha.

John, the end of exam is near u say? To me, I think it's still a long way to go coz other people finish today! sigh.. I'll just work my ass off studying for the IT examz. But I need to get a break, lets say, every Sundays off. What do you people think?

Got to bath now. Laterz. Wish me luck.

togaku _6/10/2002 10:57:02 PM

I can't sleep. I need a fat sleeping pill or something else to make me sleep, fast. After tomorrows exam, I'll have two more left. The end (of exams) is near.

togaku _6/10/2002 03:41:52 PM

F*ck! I almost forgot I have maths exam tomorrow! Shit...

D|eZeL _6/10/2002 12:18:52 AM

Oohh.. What a weekend for me. Now, it's time for me to adapt the studying attitude for Tuesday's Exam. (Maths) [JIS and ISB studs]. Hmm.. I bet that the paper would be a bit easier than last years paper [just guessing]

Well, got to get off the PC soon. I might get addicted to be on the PC for the whole night. Surfing, chatting and all those kind of stuff that you would usually do on a PC. hehe. What the hell am I talking about? haha. Pardon me but I seriously don't know what I am talking about.

So, good luck to those who is going to sit for the exam on Tuesday. Hope all of you do well in the paper. *Sayonara*

togaku _6/9/2002 01:26:06 AM

Oh.. One thing I forgot to mention on my previous post is... Tara Reid is hot (from the National Lampoon's Van Wilder movie)!


togaku _6/8/2002 11:23:43 PM

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been busy with GTA3. I must say.. it's a great game but it's not perfect. Graphics are better than the PS2 version alright. However, sometimes during gameplay the game just lags (on my computer that is). I don't know what the problem is, maybe it's my processor or my graphics card. Anyhow, to solve my minor problem. I just closed most of the programs running on the taskbar, disabled my antivirus auto-protect, and increased the processing priority of GTA3.exe to real time (using Task Manager). But you didn't need to know that.

Has anyone watched the National Lampoon's Van Wilder movie yet? It was released last month and I just knew about it this morning (while surfing). If you haven't watched it. I suggest you watch it. It's a fucking funny movie (well maybe not as funny as Scary Movie 2). Think of it as another American Pie kind of movie. And by the way, it's a R-rated - for strong sexual content, gross humor, language, and some drug content. So if anyone suffers from temporary amnesia or something. Consider yourself warned and don't blame me and don't sue me over your hospital bills.

Pft. I can't sleep. I don't know why. And I stopped drinking coffee. Fu*k. I need a sleeping pill. A huge one.

Selina Tang_6/8/2002 11:05:04 PM

Okay hey ppl

I haven't posted for AGES cos I haven't had much time, and now I have to rush cos I've got limited internet time (boohoo for me...) LOL anyway, my exams are ALMOST over, I've got 3 more to go, woohoo!! LOL one maths paper and two IT papers...I hate studying. And then I'm gonna have to bum round for 6 months in BRUNEI of all places...cos my parents haven't given in my Oz migration papers yet. Lucky me. =P

Ooh ooh ooh ENGLAND BEAT ARGENTINA!! LOL I'm an England supporter, so I'm very happy. Hahahahaha poor Argentina though. I feel for them. The stadium after the game, hahahaha hilarious. The English side was happy, jumping up and down, singing footie songs...LOL and then the camera panned round to the Argentina side...and it's like it's someone's funeral over there or something. LOL priceless. =]

Anyway, I have to go now, my Dad might come down and yell at me, "Are you STILL online!?" Hahaha bye ppl!

SiL =]

D|eZeL _6/8/2002 11:38:52 AM

Amazing game last night.

England v Argentina. 1 - 0

England got the lead on the 44th minute through a spot-kick taken by the England skipper, Becks. Well, to be honest, the spot-kick isn't the greatest I've ever seen. It might have gone out if the keeper got his leg to it. Owen Hargreaves picked up an injury early on in the game and Sven Goran Eriksson made a decision to put in Trevor Sinclair for Hargreaves.

England was playing well for the first 70 to 75th minute and they started to shift to defensive mode. Leaving with only Sheringham upfront alone. 5 Midfielders including Wayne Bridge. The England Denfense combination of Leeds and Arsenal stars are solid last night.

Argentina got more fierce in the 2nd half. Veron got subbed by Aimar at the start of the second half. Batistuta gave way for Crespo to try his luck. And Kily Gonzalez gave way for Claudio Lopez. All star players are on the bench! Look at how complete Argentina is. But they still can't get through the England defense.

Favourite Shot - Scholes Volley & Sheringhams Volley

Man Of The Match (My Choice) - Rio Ferdinand Cool defending by Rio throughout the game.

England all the way!

togaku _6/6/2002 02:37:55 PM

It's amazing how cheats for GTA3 on PC can be out as soon after its release. Check it out.

What's really annoying about cheat codes in most games are: 'silly' cheats, for example for GTA3. There's a cheat code letting you have invisible cars, so you can only see the wheels of the vehicle. Who in the world would wanna play like that? Fuck... you must be really retarded if you like playing like that.

A thousand apologies for not posting up a real post.

togaku _6/6/2002 11:11:09 AM

Check out the screenshots of GTA3. ...I like.


togaku _6/5/2002 11:34:45 PM

WOOHOO.. Many thanks to Alex for telling me that GTA3 is realeased in PC now! Sweet. Finally.. it's realeased on PC. All that I'm concerned about at the moment is that the graphics are gonna be more sharper than the GTA3 in PS2. w00t! Read more about GTA3 on PC here.

I can't wait to get my hands on a pirated copy. In fact, I might just buy the original copy in Singapore. That is if I get really addicted. I mean REALLY addicted - as in, playing the whole day, skipping breakfast and dinner (lunch is important... sorta like a re-fueling process - to give me extra boost).

togaku _6/5/2002 10:42:30 AM

Reignfire has a new ass kicking layout! And Syaz has a new layout too (but not an ass kicking one, kidding!). Visit them!

...I need a new host (I think I already mentioned this in my previous posts).

D|eZeL _6/4/2002 12:20:17 AM

yay man. good game.

Italy v Ecuador. 2-0

Bet 200 on Italy. They gave 1 1/2 ball to Ecuador. Won a Net of B$175. I think, if I'm not mistaken. Damn. It's just my luck I guess. hehe. Betting Season People!

togaku _6/3/2002 07:06:15 PM

I promise this will be the last post about a World Cup match.

Brazil v Turkey. 2-1

Great match. Spectacular. Superb. Stunning. Fabulous. Fantastic. Magnificent. Brilliat. A thousand apologies to Turkey for their HUGE LOST. It may not seem a huge lost (thinking the score was 2-1) but Turkey had two red cards in the second half of the match. Haha. That just proves how desperate they really are in winning this World Cup.

Heck... if I was watching it from Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium, I'd say it was well money spent to go there.

togaku _6/3/2002 03:11:43 PM

Accckk. I need a new host. Angelfire sux0rz. I'm trying to get an account in However, it's taking a very very long time for them to send me the fucking email to confirm my membership to Fate Back.

In fact.. I just tried to re-apply for a membership and they say my username is taken. I'm thinking that they're still processing some shit out.

Anyhow... I'm bored. And lazy. I can't be bothered to do my site. I think I'll start on D|eZeL's Counter-Strike Clan site. He's has been asking me a million times to start on it. And I've been telling him a million times that I'll do it as soon as my exams are over. But thinking... I have some "moving" to do after my exams. I strongly think that I won't be getting a lot of spare time than usual. Argh.

togaku _6/3/2002 09:52:24 AM

Fucking hell.. I'm bored. Argh.

togaku _6/2/2002 03:43:54 PM

I need a real post. It's annoying to see that my recent posts are based on match scores on the World Cup (I think so anyway).

Been watching a lot of footie lately. Footballitis - football fever. And I finally got the chance to have "spare time" to install Windows XP Pro. So far.. everything's going just smooth. Hopefully, I won't come upon any problems in the near future. Website is still not completed. Nyeh. I think i'll do it tomorrow. But I promised my self to start revising on my next exam tomorrow. Erk. Oh well.. I'd rather work on the site than study. I'm getting slack. Extremely slack.

Bye bye.

togaku _6/1/2002 09:27:05 PM


Germany v Saudi Arabia.

togaku _6/1/2002 12:04:02 AM

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