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5/31/2002 10:43:45 PM | togaku


This might just be the next best thing after The Scooby Doo movie - The Powerpuff Girls Movie.


.... *cough*


5/31/2002 09:41:55 PM | togaku


What a huge disappointment for France.

Senegal won 1-0.


5/31/2002 04:52:19 PM | togaku


I've been sleeping more than usual lately. I feel like I'm hibernating or something. Anyway.. nothing new happening here. Still watching a lot of TV/VCDs/DVDs. Still 10% done packing. Still using WinME instead of WinXP Pro. My room's still clean (fortunately it's not like a war zone or something - like last time). My internet bill is still exceeding way beyond it's limit on a monthly basis. Still a net junkie. My ISP still disconnecting me every now and then. Site is still 50% completed. Still not getting "huge amounts" of hits per day. :(

I need to do something productive - just to keep my blood flowing. My head has been feeling lighter than ever. Unfortunately, I've been getting minor wooziness.

Maybe I should attempt to complete the site. Or I should sell my Magic cards on eBay, get some money. Most (new) Magic cards nowadays cost ranging from 50 cents to a dollar or even 5 dollars. Fortunately, some of my cards are really rare and (not to mention) first edition. So I'm hoping to get a hundred bucks out of one card. Or maybe even more, depends on the card and the condition (I suppose). Unfortunately, I have to be over 18 to register on eBay and sell. I guess it's reasonable to be over 18 to sell stuff online.

Syaz has a new layout.


5/30/2002 10:38:38 AM | D|eZeL


I'm glad to be bak in this "blogging business". heh. blogging business?. wat a joke! Anyway, Had my Maths Paper 1 yesterday (same paper as John).

Actually, throughout the year I did Higher Tier Maths but then i decided to move down to Intermediate Tier Maths coz i'm not doing A Level Maths after all. When I first saw the seating plan in the exam hall, i knew that there was something wrong coz i was placed with the Higher Tier students, but I know that I am an intermediate Tier student. So, I complained to the Invigilator about it.

*phew* Good thing I end up sitting for the Intermediate Tier Paper. If I were to sit the Higher Tier Paper, I'll be damned! John, why not using the Microsoft XP Professional as your OS. hehe. Just a thought my good friend. NOT! (just joking).

Ok then, got to study for my accounting exam Paper 1 which is tomorrow. Multiple Choice Baby. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy? Did I get that right? oh well, who cares!? Sayonara.


5/30/2002 09:54:15 AM | togaku


Ever wanted to know what meals you'll get on your flight? Check out the world's first site based just on that -


5/29/2002 08:29:12 PM | togaku


Had my Maths Paper 1 today. I almost got disqualified for it. Unfortunately.. I left my phone on when I thought I switched it off. So one of the supervisors took it from the table where we usually put our (switched off) mobile phones on. I'm not making a big deal about it. It's just a minor "blow".

Anyway... I've got a long week before my next exam. I better start packing before it's too late. I hate rush-packing.

And since I'm gonna have plenty of spare-time in my schedule. I'm thinking about installing Windows XP Home Edition on my pc. I want a new OS. I'm tired of using WinME as my OS. And since I might be upgrading my pc, I might as well add more ram sticks.

To end my post, I'd like to wish everybody good health. Heh. (?)


5/27/2002 11:15:55 PM | togaku


"Is your Internet down again?" - A very frequently asked question by most people on my MSN contacts list. Hopefully, that's one thing I won't have to worry about when I move to Brisbane.

Looking for a job?

Do you have a toilet? Then we have a job for you. We're a research firm gathering data on people's bathroom habits. We'll provide the camera, toilet paper, bidet, enemas and all the necessary equipment. We'll monitor your bathroom 24-hours a day. You provide the bathroom and the people, and we'll pay you well. Your friends and roommates won't even know we're there.

Click here to apply today!

(I sound like an infomercial)


5/27/2002 09:04:45 PM | togaku


The month is coming to an end, leaving me with a month or so left here in Brunei. I might be leaving on the first or second of July. Till then... I have all the time to pack my stuff and get ready. I was thinking of bringing my desktop along with me but then again... desktops (and laptops) in Brisbane are cheap. But then again... I have a few important files in my harddisk which cannot be seen by pre-mature teenagers (or adults for that matter).

Anyhow... I might not be posting in the next few days. Gotta revise revise revise! And don't expect any modifications done in the site. It's still half way done.


5/26/2002 11:45:42 PM | togaku


I've been online more than usual today. Hope this months bill is lower than last months. Or less, I'm dead. Dead!

I was surfing around and I came across this site - you can create a mini version of yourself in lego form.

As you can see... you can pretty much make up any character you want. From Darth Vader Rock Star to wannabe Spiderman-mermaid (?).


5/26/2002 08:42:41 PM | togaku


Anybody currently watching F1? I have to say.. the Monaco GP track is one of the most hectic tracks I've seen F1 cars performed in. The race is really unpredictable. You can never be certain who's gonna win it. But I think Montoya or Michael Schumacher could win it. I strongly doubt Coulthard can keep up the first place, just look at all the cars behind him. Sure is putting him in alot of pressure.

Woahh... one of the Jordan's just crashed. Hmm.. I'm not that surprised cause in almost all of the F1 races I've watched... at least on of the Jordan cars crash. Pity.

And to end my post. I'd like to thank Syaz and Alex for the plug!

Update @ 10:09PM: Coulthard won. Though... Michael Schumacher was crawling up his ass. Montoya's out. Pity.


5/26/2002 01:01:44 PM | togaku


I'm back. In less than a month. And I said I was going to be back in 2 months or so. Tsk. Somehow... I found the time to make a new layout. The fact that my schedule is pretty hectic nowadays cause my study leave is not enough (well.. on most days it isn't) for me. It's amazing how I managed to squeeze this into my schedule. Anyway... the new layout's not finished yet. I'm guessing it's 50% complete.

Can't wait till exams are over... I'm glad that I've finished my science exam.


5/5/2002 12:23:23 AM | togaku


It's time to take things seriously now, academic things.


5/4/2002 07:40:14 PM | togaku


Thinking I have 4 hours of science tuition tomorrow sucks. 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. Fuck. When will I have the time to fucking study for my exams? I surely can't study during weekdays - Most of my teachers give me so much homework. Well maybe not alot but it surely takes alot of time to finish it. Time is money just flies-by so fast nowadays.

Beep beep beep. Boom.


5/4/2002 07:48:17 AM | togaku


Sorry for the lack of posts. I just can't seem to find the time to post anymore. Besides... nothing interesting (or worth blogging about) has happened in the past few days. And my fellow writers won't write unless I tell them to. And I hate doing that. It makes me feel like a big bitch.

Anyways... last night I went to Empire Cinema to watch Spider Man. But the staff in the Cinema just had to fuck everything up - they said we didn't have any bookings but we already made the bookings the night before. What bullshit service is that. And they say their hotel is a 5/6? star hotel. Bullshit. Anyway.. where was I? Oh yeah... being screwed by the empire cinema. Both 7:30PM and 9:30PM movies were fully booked so we decided to go to the Country Club for dinner.

The food was alright but the place was pretty much abandoned. I think it was because the place is haunted. They say the place is haunted and that's why they close so early (8:30PM). I pretty much lost my appetite when they mentioned the place was haunted or whatever.

Then after that we went to the Empire Club to play some pool. I played like shit. Anyway I better take my shower now, I've got extra classes today and I have to follow my mum to her office first.



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