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4/30/2002 12:24:31 AM | D|eZeL


Why do you have to keep reminding me about the exams?! Shit, my accounting exam starts first and i haven't any clue how to pass the exam to at least a B Grade standard. Shit Shit Shit. Study time dudes!


4/27/2002 09:54:06 PM | togaku


I won't be posting as much as I used to nowadays. I have exactly two weeks left before my exams start. And my internet bill has gone way beyond its price limit on a monthly basis.


4/26/2002 12:34:56 PM | D|eZeL


Greetings earthlings. Heh. Anna, posing nude. I got to see that!

I went to the hospital yesterday and got fed up of waiting there for 3 hrs 30 mins (9am till 12.30pm). I complained to the nurse and she said that they were finding my X-Ray results. What a waste of time to be sitting down in the Orthopoedic Clinic for 3+ hours. They told me to make a new X-Ray at 11.30 and I did it eventhough the X-Ray section is quite a distance away from the clinic. I just wanted to get rid of the plaster on my foot.

Aftar having done my x-ray, i went back to the Orthopoedic Clininc as told. When the attendant went to the X-Ray department to claim my x-ray, they said that the film was exposed and told me to make another x-ray! Fvck it! No Way! Not in a million years, just to make me walk a long way twice in a day!

I was so mad, that when the nurse offered me a drink, I refused despite having an empty stomach. I thanked the doc and nurse for their time also and I said that i would never go back to X-Ray Department anymore. No Way! I just went home straight after that. Went to school to pick up my bros.

Hah. This part is kewl. I opened my plaster by myself with the help of my maid. I didn't give a Fvck no more. Well, who cares! Gotta go for Acupuncture (is the spelling correct?) as soon as possible.

Grr. I Feel like complaining about the X-Ray Department to the Ministry. Hmm. Good idea. Maybe I'll give it a go. Just a try. Never done this before but, its worth a try!


4/24/2002 04:25:16 PM | togaku


I want this car. [Image]

Agh. It's so hot. Bah!


4/24/2002 04:00:23 PM | togaku


"The Russian star will appear in June’s US edition of Penthouse after a freelance snapper took pictures of her with a long lens."

"A Penthouse source insisted they were high-quality shots and would be used in a “lovely, tasteful pictorial”."

"She is ranked a lowly 66 in the world but her looks are set to earn her £16million this year from deals with firms like adidas, Omega watches and Berlei bras."



4/23/2002 06:19:13 PM | togaku


Had an interesting but yet boring lecture on Software Piracy and The Law for 1 and a half hours during IT. My IT lecturer gave us this sheet of paper that had information on piracy laws in Brunei and other stuff. Here are just a few stuff that I highlighted:

"Protection under the Copyright Order also extends to computer programs, software, manuals and related works which are eligible for protection in a country which is a party to an international convention or agreement to which Brunei is also a party. Brunei is signatory to the World Intellectual Property Organisation ("WIPO") Convention and the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights ("TRIPS")."

This copyright "deal" (Copyright Order rather) came to Brunei on 1st May 2000. Since then, local pirated compact discs distributors have experienced raids and so on when this copyright law was realeased. But then again... months passed, and soon... everybody forgot about the whole copyright thing. Eventually, pirated compact discs distributors then again continue to sell their products (which are cheap but inferior in quality).

Here are more facts about this Copyright Order thing.

Under the Copyright Order it is a criminal offence to:-

1. make for sell or hire;

2. import (otherwise than for private and domestic use);

3. communicate to the public'

4. sell, let for hire or distribute in the course of a business;

5. possess in the course of a business with the intention to infringe the copyright;

And when you commit the following criminal offences against the Copyright Order... The penalties are:

1. A maximum of two years' imprisonment and/or a fine for selling, hiring, importing or making for sale or hire, distributing in the course of a business an infringing copy of a copyright work;

2. A maximum of six months' imprisonment and/or a fine not excedding B$5,000.00 for communicating to the public, possessing, seeling or letting for hire in the course of a business an infringing copy of a copyright work.

Fuck. A B$5,000.00 fine just for having the pirated compact discs in your house/hands/cabinet/whatever.

I'll update more on this later when I finish studying.

Here's another thing I found interesting:

"It is also your responsibility to purchase only original software. When you purchase or use software that is pirated, you not only deny the software developer its rightful revenue, but you also harm the industry as a whole. All software developers, both big and small, spend literally years developing software for public use. A portion of every dollar spent in purchasing original software is channelled back into research and development so that better, more advance software can be produced. When you purchase counterfeit software, your money goes directly into the pocket of the software pirates. No doubt about that. The company that developed it never sees a dime. Hohohohohohoh.


Buying counterfeit compact discs = Fucks up the entire system on research and development on software, etc etc.

Anyway, I heard from my lecturer that in two/three weeks time that some Microsoft Official or whatever is gonna come to Brunei for some reason. I forgot what it was, but I'm sure it was something school related.

Hmm... Does this mean that I have to buy original softwares/applications/games which cost alot of $$$$$ when I move to Brisbane? Nooooo...


4/23/2002 10:17:07 AM | D|eZeL


Hey john. u still got the name of the japanese restaurant wrong! Its TAKARA not Taraka. Damn, u gotta learn your spelling and reading dude! hahahaha.

Its kinda nice being here at home while the rest are at school studying hard. Well, i'm trying to do some studying myself and trying to catch up with the unfinished work being set in school. I've been given a weeks off school, which is till the weekends.

I hafta wake up early on thursday morning. *sigh* (7.30am) I have an appointment with the Orthologists (Bone Doctors) in RIPAS. hmph. Well, gotta run. hafta do my work now. Laterz


4/21/2002 06:45:43 PM | togaku


So much for a weekend of revision. Spent most of the day sleeping. Currently doing my PE hwk, I doubt I'll have time to study for Geo. Geo's my first exam which is on the May 13th. Not far. And yes. I went to Takara yesterday and had Tori Teriyaki, which is somewhat like chicken teriyaki. I think. Anyway... bye.


4/21/2002 06:19:43 PM | D|eZeL


Aloha people.. its been quite a while since my last post. Well, i attended the bio extra class wif john yesterday morning. John, its Takara. My day was great but unfortunately it became worse.

I played soccer in my friends house. then, i accidentally kicked the ground and injured myself. My frenz just laughed at me eventhough i told them that i was serious. Well, they did help me out a bit, by giving me ice and not letting me take off my soccer boots in order to let my foot get swollen fast. Wehn I opened my boots and socks, my foot was blue. I tried to stand up, but i failed. So painful u noe.

When i reached the emergency unit in RIPAS, i think i spent about almost 2 hours there just to check my bloody foot. Guess what? .. They only gave me Paracetamol as pain killers and a bandage! If I knew that that was gonna happen, i wouldnt have gone to the hospital.

Well, i'm in crutches. *sigh* but at least i get to miss skool. hehe. The Inter-house soccer is gonna be held every thursdays of week 3, 4 and 5. I can't play! Green house needs me! .. ehehe .. i wish! hahaha

Btw John, its Tori Teriyaki. Roger and Out!


4/20/2002 05:49:36 PM | togaku


I totally wasted my revision time today. I had extra bio class this morning. That went well, I now have a better knowledge on the chapter Evolution. Amazing. But after that, it got out of course. I went out with a few friends in my extra class. We tried to find some place to get some food in our tummies. Out of all the places we went to, only one wasn't full - the japanese joint (I forgot the name of the place). We even saw some of our teachers from school in one of the fully-occupied food joints. But anyway, lunch was great. I can still taste the sauce of that chicken teriyaki. I didn't eat any japanese food cause I simply just don't like it. We spent around 100+ on lunch by the way.

After that we went to Halco to play some Counter-Strike. As usual, I start off like a fucking retard getting killed ...then in a few minutes later, it all comes back - leading by 30+ frags and 7 deaths. Then... I eventually got sick of being at the top for four straight hours and I decided to play some pool with Howard. He kicked my ass in pool. I was trying to cheer him up because he felt 'down' when he kept on getting killed by the top fragger. Hah.

Anyway... I'm going out again. Bye.

Shit... I wonder if I'm gonna have time to 'study' tomorrow. Shit.


4/19/2002 05:57:40 AM | togaku


Is it just me or are planes accidentally crashing out of the blue? [Story]

Courtesy: CNN

Okay. Bye now.


4/18/2002 10:15:16 PM | Angel Lovah


Okay.. here goes.. wassap? 51 ey.. lol.. Stressed out i see, kick back relax a bit, u can do it.. I just have no idea what to say.. Take Care? John r0x! hehe =p


4/18/2002 08:12:29 PM | togaku


Agghhh.. Have 3 weeks left before exams and in less than 2 weeks is my bday. Fuck.


4/17/2002 09:34:37 PM | togaku


Sweet... Ferrari FX Concept/F60.


Love the design. Though... it sorta reminds me of Honda NSX. Whatever.


4/17/2002 09:02:29 PM | D|eZeL


hey dude! u better have spare time or i'll kick your arse! .. hehehe jk dude! u r the best dude!~ (sounds wierd) but anyway, thanx for helping me out for my site dude! make me a new one next time okay! .. hehe okayz then .. am outta here!


4/16/2002 09:20:08 PM | togaku


I switched from 800x600 to 1024x768 pixel resolution. And I realised how small the window pop-up was. So.. what am I gonna do about it? Nothing. Cause I've got no fucking time to sit in-front of my computer and re-design my website. I'm also planning to design D|eZeL's CS Clan website in the near future, sometime after my exams which would be around July. But, from what I've heard so far (from my parents), I'm leaving for Singapore on 1st July then I'm off to Brisbane. So I'm not even sure if I'm going to have any spare time to design and produce websites.


4/16/2002 06:31:05 AM | togaku


"LONDON, England -- The Internet is becoming a frequent cause of the collapse of relationships, a leading marriage guidance organisation has warned."

"Both men and women complain of becoming Internet "widows" as their partners spend hours at the computer downloading software or looking at pornography."

"Sex chatlines and sites such as, which can rekindle old school passions, pose further threats to relationships."

[Full Story]

By the way, I was serious about putting away my PC from my room. =(


4/15/2002 09:46:14 PM | D|eZeL


wassup wassup! thanx for the invite John. Well, i did make my first post! *wow* hehehe. as if u wud throw out ur PC out of ur room dude! i doubt it. hahahaha


4/15/2002 09:45:22 PM | togaku


Welcome the new member of the site.. Diezel. (He refused to reveal his real name, so yeah). Anyways, I hope let's hope that he posts regularly.

I think I'm gonna throw out my PC tomorrow afternoon due to lack of consentration on external exam revision. I'll most probably post from my school or using my dads/mums laptop.


4/15/2002 06:25:59 AM | togaku


Download Train - Drops of Jupiter.

Okay. Gotta run.


4/14/2002 11:02:40 AM | togaku


A few online tests I took (found them via Zia aka Yak Master):


Now we're getting somewhere - your actions are
now past pre-teen level, and you're beginning to
display some more mature content in your life

"Which Movie Classification Are You?"
Test created by Jamie - take it here.

Take the What Kind of Slacker are you? Quiz

What kind of drunk are you?

I'm an Oreo!

What Snack Food are YOU? Click here to find out!

What Flavour Are You? I taste like Bread.I taste like Bread.

I am a staple in almost everyone's diet. Friends like me are a complement to any other friends I get on with almost everyone, remaining mostly in the background, but providing substance when it would otherwise be lacking. What Flavour Are You?

The Band Quiz By Rahel

I am a toaster!

what kitchen utensil are YOU?

Take the What
animal best portrays your sexual appetite??

Okay.. enough tests for one day.


4/14/2002 01:22:23 AM | Selina Tang


Damn it's late...well hi ppl, I'm tired and I'm only online cos I'm waiting for a song to dl. I haven't actually heard it myself but I've been told it's a good song, it's called Caught in the Sun by Course of Nature. Yeah anyway... =] I'm having a heated debate on MSN right now with one of my best friends (he's in NZ right now, he'll be back for our prom though so yay!) about who I should go to the prom with. LOL I know it's not for a couple of months yet but yeah, he reckons I should go with this guy I like...and he's offered to ask the dude to ask me out...damn have you guys got no BRAINS?! LOL when you tell a guy to ask a girl out, it obviously shows that the girl likes you and the girl's friend's trying to help her out...hahahaha I know you mean well but PLEASE, think before you type!! =]

Anyway, later ppl, I'm gonna go continue the MSN conversation...LOL

SiL xxx


4/14/2002 12:01:11 AM | togaku


I'm fucking hungry. I wanna order Pizza Hut, but they're fucking closed. Pizza! =(


4/13/2002 11:12:12 PM | togaku


Ever wonder why some students fail their exams? Here's why (got this via email):

It's not the fault of the student if he fails, because the year has ONLY 365' days.

Typical academic year for a student:

1. Sundays-52,Sundays in a year, you know Sundays are for rest. days left: 313.

2. Summer holidays-50 where weather is very hot and difficult to study. days left: 263.

3. 8 hours daily sleep-means 130 days. days left: 141.

4. 1 hour for daily playing-(good for health) means 15 days. days left: 126.

5. 2 hours daily for food & other delicacies(chew properly & eat)-means 30days. days left: 96.

6. 1 hour for talking (man is a social animal)-means 15 days. days left: 81.

7. Exam days per year atleast 35 days. days left: 46.

8. Quarterly, Half yearly and festival (holidays)-40 days.Balance 6 days.

9. For sickness atleast 3 days. remaining days: 3.

10. Movies and functions atleast 2 days. 1 day left.

11. That 1 day is your birthday. "How can you study at that day?" Balance days: 0

"How can a student pass ?????"

Heh. Anyway, just finished watching The Perfect Storm on HBO. I'm thinking of watching some of the VCDs I bought - Oceans Eleven, We Were Soldiers, Behind Enemy Lines, K-Pax, etc.


4/12/2002 06:30:52 PM | togaku


A few friends asked me to go to Empire tomorrow night to eat sea food with them, but I don't want to because I hate sea food. But.. what the hell.. might as well go.

I finally handed in my DT portfolio today. All I have to worry about now, is my external exams which is in about 3/4 weeks time. Anyway... I need sleep. So that will be for now.

Plugs: Steph, Justin.

Note: If you're looking for porn or something 'blogworthy' click on the second link and also click on the first link. c",)


4/10/2002 03:51:38 PM | togaku


Currently talking to Howard (a friend of mine who's a flash and graphic expert) about the new version of the site. He's helping me do some graphics for the new version. I have no time to make my own graphics at the moment. I'm having my external exams in 4 weeks time and I just can't find the time to sit down in-front of my PC and fiddle around with Adobe or whatever. I'm already having troubles finding the time to post as it is. Bye now.


4/10/2002 07:33:29 AM | Los mErenGue


hmm..had a busy weekend. On Monday, i went to my 'future' school. I guess it was o-kay, not as nice as JIS (i must say). I'll be going into Yr 12 when most people my age would be in Year 10. i Don't know if thats good or bad. Maybe having everyone older than me might make it very intimidating... i dunno.
Anyway, aside from that, i went to the Lynn Canyon in Burnaby (i think). There was this really beautiful water fall and a suspension bridge rite on top. Before that, we went to this park (i don't know the name). The really annoying thing was that we took loads of pictures and when we left the park, my sister found out the new reel wasn't even properly inserted in the camera. grr.


4/8/2002 09:16:01 PM | Angel Lovah




4/7/2002 10:40:53 PM | togaku


Don't be surprised if debri falls on you.


How sad can I get? I've been plugging CNN articles since forever. I think it's about time CNN starts plugging ME! Plug Me! Plug Me! Plug Me! Plug Me! Plug Me! Plug Me! Plug Me! Plug Me! Whatever. But...

For the love of boobies! Plug Me!

Note: Go to Links section for buttons.


4/7/2002 02:07:21 PM | U-Fhern Chang


I never thought yr 11 would get this bad... it seriously is bad. Not ready to go back to school - still in the 'potato couch' mood and revision is the worst thing ever.. how boring can it get.

Well Kiki was here last weekend.. had a pretty fun sleepover with her, me, rebecca, vaish and fiona. SUPER girly nite.. u know - watching Legally Blonde, Friends and gossip gossip.. typical girl thing. But it was fun catching up and stuffing our faces with food, drinks and laughter.. ok i wont disclose what we did in detail but it surely was a good nite.

Till next time... chow ;)


4/7/2002 01:35:56 PM | Los mErenGue


ok... so, been really busy these few days. When to a lot of place for sight-seeing. Last week, we went to the peacearch park at the Canada border (had a picnic and a lot of picture taking), then after that, we went to the crescent beach in white rock. We were there till sunset and took loads of pictures (great view). and apparently, they call the place white rock because of this huge white rock on the beach. The next day we went to north vancouver by seabus. We didn't go any further than the terminal (we just did some window shopping at the mall nearby and of course.. picture taking). then, we went back home.....
Yesterday, me and my cousin and other sister went along w/ other friends to canada place in gastown and then shopping in granville mall... hmm..
And we're got plans (yet to be confirmed) to go to the capilano suspension bridge and stanley park. ok, too tired to type in anything more.. next time.


4/7/2002 04:56:03 AM | togaku


I bought $30 worth of VCDs just a few hours ago, so far... I've watched 3 out of the whole batch. I doubt I'll watch any for the rest of the day. I'll update more on this later tonight, if I have the time.


4/6/2002 09:49:13 AM | togaku


Woohoo! Bio class just got cancelled. Now I have time to do my DNT portfolio and other stuff and that leaves me no time to blog. =(


4/5/2002 10:13:12 PM | togaku


Armageddon will take place on Earth in 887 years and 11 months. Prepare for the unexpected on March 2880. Hah. What the fuck. But seriously, the asteriod (known as 1950 BA asteroid) will somewhat 'hit' part of earth, the impact would most probably blast a 10-mile (16-km) wide crater. Nothing much. Hah. Just kidding.

This makes me think, is USA gonna plan a space shuttle mission to go into orbit in direction of the asteriod and somehow 'blow' it up out of course? Yeah... just like that Armageddon movie, and that other meteor movie (forgot what it was called).

[Full story]


4/5/2002 09:49:27 PM | togaku


Got nothing to blog about nowadays.


4/5/2002 12:50:57 AM | togaku


I'm beat.


4/4/2002 01:58:28 PM | togaku


I got paint all over my legs and arms, from doing my DT coursework. Used kerosine to remove it and now i smell like gasoline. I am gasoline boy! Right...

My lungs hurt. The fumes are bloody strong. It's worst than smoking 100 packs of cigarettes.

And I'm not joking.


4/3/2002 10:34:40 PM | togaku


Hmm.... interesting.

I never knew LMAO (formally known as laughing my ass off) is also known as being laughing my ankles off. Right...

Let's see if I can use emoticons to post. (Note: Do not try this at home.)

A minute ago I was afk, but now I'm bak. Aamof, I got my self a bite or two. afaik, the cake sucked ass Damhikt. I might tmi. Don't even think about going there. Dgt. Otoh, imho it's rather disturbing if you knew abt it. I should really gal. I should also kiss. Rotfflmfao. Oh and...dgydj! Bfn.

Nevermind that. That was a lame attempt. I was stupid, trying to make one.

I can't finish my DT portfolio by tonight or tomorrow morning - I ran out of A3 paper. Can't think of anything to 'rant' about right now, so I'll leave you there. Good night.


4/3/2002 07:00:49 PM | togaku


I think i'm gonna be sick. I've been inhaling alot of paint fumes lately - yes those are bad for your lungs. Will post later if i'm not busy, I doubt it though. I wanna finish off all of homework by tonight or tomorrow morning. I'm good in self-motivation.


4/3/2002 02:16:20 PM | togaku


I remember my first year of high school like it was yesterday. I especially remember my first high-school science class - you know, the first ever science class where things start to get somewhat complicated - I was around 11/12 years old back then and I pretty much still thought like a kid - some of the other students my age in my class were somewhat more mature than me, because I grew up in a different primary-school environment, but that's a different story.

Anyhow, back to my first 'high school science class'. If i remember perfectly, we had our first practical - where we have to mix two chemicals and watch the chemical reactions happen - and being a student who still thinks like a 5 year old, I thought the chemical reaction was magic - seeing both different coloured liquids mixing together giving some yellow-ish colour liquid (I forgot the chemicals we used).

Then... I pretty much made an ass out of my self, thinking it was magic and explaining it to my other friends that my science teacher was a magician and they teach us magic tricks during science. Tsk. Those were the days.


4/3/2002 12:04:23 PM | Los mErenGue


real madrid lost =(


4/3/2002 10:15:48 AM | togaku



Courtesy: overboost.

Okay back to work now... sigh.


4/3/2002 09:21:11 AM | togaku


Just finished painting part of my chair, and my back's starting to hurt. I don't know how much of this I can take.


4/3/2002 07:42:29 AM | togaku


Bloody hell... it's already half way through the week and I'm fucked. By the time I know it, it's Saturday and I'm still rambling about my work, better stop yakking and get to work! (I'm trying to motivate my self in doing my work, I'm lazy)


4/2/2002 09:05:44 PM | togaku


Wear black underwear to avoid x-ray camera's from seeing through your clothes.


4/2/2002 06:19:29 PM | togaku


When I woke up this morning, I had a new idea/design for this website, I have it all in my head, I couldn't be bothered doing it as I was worried about my DT, so I started doing DT instead of producing version 2 of togaku. I'm worried about two things at the moment - external exams and my DT coursework (that includes my DT portfolio). Mostly worried about my external exams this May.

Oh, the co-ed school I applied in Brisbane accepted me. Yay?


4/1/2002 09:36:41 PM | togaku


My fish died yesterday. There is a saying, when a fish owner's fish dies, the fish owner's problems will go away. At the moment, my problems are increasing. But sooner or later, I know it'll all go away.

I have exactly a week left to finish my DT project. Hmm... painting, sanding, painting, sanding, painting, sanding, painting. I doubt i'll finish it. All this finishing touches for my project is longer than manufacturing of it. Thinking I still have my portfolio to fucking finish is just pissing me off.

I can just see my self going berserk in the next few weeks...


4/1/2002 04:25:32 PM | togaku


Test. Test. TEST Testtestsets


4/1/2002 03:37:31 PM | togaku


April Fools day today. Too bad I don't have school, can't fool anyone at home - I'm home alone, as usual. I'll post later, I'm bust at the moment, studyinginfrontofthetelevision.


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