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Saturday, March 30, 2002


LOL hey ppl...dude someone should've told me that you don't have to put your stupid full name in the sign up my whole name's up for ppl to see. Hahahaha anyway, how's it going? My life's pretty damn busy...I've got D&C coursework due on Saturday and I'm not even halfway thru!!! Dead dead dead....ooh nothing more to say I guess. Hahahahaha oh wait have you guys been to the Sheraton yet? It's really nice now!! =]


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Just finished watching 28 days. I hate those kinda movies - it somewhat has an interesting and un-steady story line and in the ending, it's just messed up. What a crappy ass ending, no wonder it ended up being showed on HBO. Heh.

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sedih jua ko ani...

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I'm exhausted and hungry. Did my DT project half of today and I haven't eaten anything since then. Parents are out, forgot where to. They come and go. Heh. I've just added a Cam section. I was bored, so I added it.

Ugh, mum just called. I didn't understand a word she said - the reception was fucking bad. Fucking Easi.

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Heh. Kamaliah (k s): This is an online journal where you can pretty much talk about anything you want - from your rough days to your not-so-rough days. Here's an example:

Today was very tiring. I can't help but notice that womens jugs get bigger by the day, especially Britany Spears jugs - you can never figure out what jug size she has, it's changing by the day. I went out clubbing last night and I got the biggest boner ever, damn those girls were hot, no no wait... they were steaming baby. Yet again, I ended up drunk and picking up this random girl and I pretty much ended up getting laid. I'll try and do something different tonight - maybe go to a different pub, or go to a gay bar.

Well.. something like that. I hope you get the idea. Anyways, I'll talk to you later in great detail on this via MSN/SMS.

Note: This is another stupid attempt of me trying to be funny.

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umm..apa kan ni?

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Last night when I was going downstairs to the kitchen getting my mid-night snack, I accidentally electrocuted my self. Man, that really kept me up all night, I even forgot to wake up early to follow my dad to his office. Had to follow my dad because my mom left early for KB, for some important function. Whilst in his office, I took advantage of their ADSL connection. Downloaded a hella lot of mp3s and watched a few videos on the attack on Arafat's HQ. Also watched a few videos on space galaxies crap via CNN. I somehow got interested in those crap.

Also this morning, I noticed that I forgot to watch the Brazil F1 race. I was really interested in watching that race, too bad Schumacher lost. Anyways... I better start doing my work or else I'll suffer in the end. I'm already suffering as it is.

**Update: Thanks to Sil for telling me that the Brazilian race is on tomorrow and tonight (30/03/02) is the qualifying round. I read the practice results by mistake and thought it was the real thing. Tsk.

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What? Zhang Ziyi Ikeya comet? Heading our way? What?

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Friday, March 29, 2002


I'm currently looking at this school prospectus located in Brisbane. It's a co-ed school which I like very much, I don't feel right being in an all-boys school. My parents said I should apply to this school, which is somewhat almost the same as my current school except the environment of course.

Looking over at the subject choices for my year level... all I can say is that they provide a variety of subjects which I'm really interested in taking but most of the subjects are pretty much the same in my current school. However, I have to take this Australian Constitutional Studies in Year 11 and get the exam in Year 12, which is unfair because I'm only attending half of Year 11 (I'm going there after my exams, which is around June, and I'm starting school straight away when I get there, which is half of the year - I'm not sure if that made any sense). Enough of this school shit. I'm not sure why I even blogged about it in the first place.

Anyways, I have a really tight schedule tomorrow (because I didn't do much work today due to religious matters) - doing my DT, research/revision for DT, attempt and hopefully finish my DT portfolio. Dammit, I've also got bio classes tomorrow morning.

I've got a week left to finish all my holiday homework, which is a hella-lot! I understand why my lecturers/teachers gave us a lot of homework during our freaking holiday. Too fucking annoy us, those bastards/bitches won't give us a break.

Thinking I have 7 weeks left before my external exams starts just sucks. I need a long vacation after my exams - go to Philippines, Europe, Canada or US even. I doubt I'll get one though...

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Didn't do much today, as I said in my previous post, I'm not suppose to do anything today. Anyways, woke up around 7:00AM then went back to sleep at 7:01AM then woke up at 2:00 PM then went to my (another) extra science class. Anyways... nothing interesting happened today, pretty much the same old stuff.

I can't think right now. I'll post later, if I have the time.

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Thursday, March 28, 2002


Just got back from my chem class. Freaking tired, all this mambo-jambo-chemistry-crap sucks ass. Anyways, tomorrow's good friday - I can't go online, can't watch tv, can't listen to music, can't do my work, can't study, can't do anything that includes eating, so I'm pretty much fasting tomorrow.

Oh and I heard my Aunt Ate (pronouced Ah-Teh) Nene is coming back here from the Manila, It's going to be annoying cause she's a big yakker. Bigger yakker than my mum. Surprisingly enough, my mum didn't yak as much tonight. But still... Zia is still the biggest yakker of all time. Heh.

Bye now.

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It was raining when I woke up. This rarely happens nowadays. I like it when it rains in the morning, it doesn't feel so humid in the morning. Thinking it's a school night tonight just ruins my day. I've got extra science classes later tonight.


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Wednesday, March 27, 2002


Added a chatterbox. Leave a message.

**Update: Added new link me buttons in links section.

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I went out a few hours ago with my parents to find some stuff for my DT coursework. At first, I didn't want to go but then.. I had to because it was my work and it is my responsibility. If I don't finish it, I'm fucked. I'm already fucked as it is. Anyways whilst in the car being half a sleep, I couldn't stand my mother's yakking. She just kept on yakking the whole way, even on the way home. Yak yak yak. I felt like bashing my head on the wall, or putting my head in-between the elevator doors, anything that could make her stop. But then again, she'll probably yak more if I do such a thing, probably drown me with her yakking.

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I swear one day, I'm gonna run butt-naked around my neighbourhood. It's so bloody hot. Can't play soccer. Can't play basketball. All I can do is bloody watch the damn tv. I'm getting sick of watching tv.

If only I could drive. Think of the possibilities... Mmmmm...

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I woke up early hoping to see *cough* online. Why so early? Well, It's around 3 in the afternoon where she is. She's usually online around that time. I think some of my posters know who I'm talking about and I'm sure she'll be reading this log later or something(maybe). If you're reading this, don't get freaked out or anything (That is if she knows I'm talking about her). Heh. Yeah... right. She'll probably stop talking to me after she reads this log.

Anyways.. I think Kamaliah's coming back today from Melbourne. She'll probably have an aussie accent by now. Actually, I'm currently chatting with her via MSN, she's already in Singapore. Anyways... I'll update later.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2002


I'm online again (yes, another bloody boring post). I'm doing my DNT revision/homework online - suppose to do research on storage and display furnitures used at home. Well.. now I'm over at Damn, they really have some great furniture over there. Heh.

Oh and, I decided just to not do the gallery section. I'm getting annoyed with it. I'll think of something else to put up later tonight.

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Porn is good is bad!

Anyhow, It's 1418HRS, it's bloody hot in my room even though the air-con and the fan is on at the same time. I feel like I'm in a helicopter. I'm afraid that the ceiling fan might fucking fly off the ceiling and land on my work. Ah-huh.

Had chinese take out for lunch. I couldn't be bothered to cook my own food so I just called take out. I wanted to order Pizza first, but then, I couldn't find my wallet and I've only got a few 10s in my pocket.

My phone's been acting strange again. It says my SIM's been locked or Insert SIM. I think it's because I don't have any credit in it, or maybe because I don't use it? Ahh.. Forget it.

Fuck, I'm hungry again. I'll just have some Ice Cream and some Belgium Chocos! Ciao.

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Ahhh... finally. Thanks John

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Bloody hell, I was just surfing around for movies to see the latest movies and their release dates and most of them are during my external exams and some are like next year (and also late this year) when I'm most probably going to be in Brisbane, where it's hard to get those bootleg VCDs! Even though I watch it during the premiere of the movie, I'd be expensive and seriously I'd like to watch all of them! Dammit! Here are some of the movies i'm interested in watching.

1. Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones (Release date - May 16, 2002)

2. Spider-Man (Release date - May 3, 2002)

3. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (Release date - July 4, 2003)

4. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Release date - December 18, 2002)

5. Men In Black 2 (Release date - July 3, 2002)

6. X-Men 2 (Release date - May 2, 2002)

7. The Next Installment of Austin Powers (Release date - July 26, 2002 Summer 2002)

8. The Matrix Reloaded (Release date - Memorial Day 2003)

9. Resident Evil - Nemesis (Release date - TBA 2003/2004)

I'm already out of date of the current showing movies in the cinema (eh? grammer?). I'm looking forward in watching ALL of these movies (no matter what), especially MIB2, Spiderman, Matrix reloaded, and most of all LOTR: TTT.

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I've added a BlogSticker on my website (Scroll down). I've got nothing else to do right now. I'm stuck at home by my self. I have to cook my own food. I have to discipline my self - no tv, no internet, study study study! Hah.

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Monday, March 25, 2002


I just noticed that the timing on the logs are wrong. One common mistake for every new site.

**Update: I've fixed it.

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Currently watching Boston Public on Star World. It's really something people should outta watch.

Just finished revising for geo, I doubt I learnt anything though. I doubt I'll get any sleep tonight, I've been sleeping the whole day. I seriously outta be studying. God dammit.

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I'm using Blogger to update now. Yay. To view the previous logs, click here. Anyways, got nothing to post about right now. So bye, gotta study!

**Update: The archives don't work.

***Update: I think the archives work now, I just fixed the html sources.

****Update: No, I was wrong. It's still fucked up. I can't seem to find the solution to my problem. I'll ask Livie again for help. Heh.

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