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Pagan, Wiccan, Celtic.

Witch/Pagan Resources
Pagan Federation Online
Omphalos The Directory and Search Engine for Witchcraft & Paganism
Celtic Knot Webring Listing
Witchcraft And Wiccan Magick
The Pagan Educational Network
The Celtic Connection

Herbal Traditions Providing Botanical Information Online
The Flora of North America Web Site The Herb Research Foundation

Generalized Myth's, Legend's, Lore & History

Folklore, Myth and Legend: Large Collection Of Resources
Gareth Long's Encyclopedia of Monsters: Monsters, Mythical Creatures and Fabulous Beasts
Legend's: History, Literature, Folklore, Fiction & The Art's
Myths and Legends: Large Collection Of Resources
Lady Gryphon's Mythical Realm: Gallery's of Mythical Creatures With Tales or Poems Encyclopedia on Mythology, Folklore, Legends, and More
Heritage-Arts: Discover The History Of Your Surname
Behind The Name: The Etymology and History of First Name's

Egyptian Mythology

Akhet Egyptology
Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple
Egypt: The Complete Guide

Viking's and the Norse God's

Norse Mythology
The Viking Home Page
The World Of The Viking's
Viking Age Club Home Page
Viking Crafts
Virtually Virtual Iceland