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2003 FUN

Hey..there are quote if you leave your mouse over the picture for like 3 sec see what they say! Most of them are inside jokes but feel free to ask me what they mean.


* These are pics of Lizzie and her buds.. and a guy im adding to my froggie collection. run ur mouse over the pics to find out who! lol



Im about to Pop!! ! Sarah Lizzie and melissa

Lizzie(Manda)Kyle,Sarah,and Melissa. I know 3 of them.. i dont know Kyle.. lol

Nik Rack! KERMIT!!

Lizzie and Matt... doesnt she look gorgeous with those curls!


This is Symone my lil' sister in the snow the FIRST now of the Winter

Demon child! Good Job! Hey Sissy look at me im cute take my pic!

Symone making Snow Angels

It wont roll in a ball! I'll just put it in a big pile Wow.. it's growing sissy!

Symone making our WONDERFUL (barely) 2 ft snowman!!!

ur cheek is cold! uh ohhh.. are my lips stuck? I love you!

Symone kissing the snowman she made. She loves her snowman.

Im making a rolly polly angel This snow was kinda cold on my face I think im done now.

Symone making a snow rolly polly....what an imagination kid ;)


Looking at what she made and running away from it. She doenst like snow rolly pollies


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