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Stuff About Me

My name is Nastassia and I'm 15 years old. Here's the things I like and the things I don't:

Things I like: Vanilla Coke, Garbage, knitting, violin, my ferret, strawberry lemonade, my cats, Johnny the Homocidal Maniac, computers, sour jelly beans, stretching, camping, gore, sunshine, tigerlillies, cheesy horror movies, spongebob, blood, Invader Zim, shooting stars, gummy bears, writing stories, watching people who are nervous, playing with sharpies, shiny rocks, swerving the car, fast music, when the power goes out, ghost stories, caves, the smell of new shoes, candles, my rats, matches, silver jewelry, space mountain, playing with tape, running my finger along a dusty shelf, RHPS, watching the washing machine, seashells, watching people, eating whipped cream, sharp shiny things, my bird Dizzy, pocket knives, plants, beads, watching old people drive, jumping on my bed, walking, black nail polish, hair dye, watching people sleep.

Things I don't like: phones, people touching me, babysitting, being watched, having everything I do and say commented on, when people copy me, twizzlers, grease of any kind, old candy, rocks in my shoes, blisters, having stuff thrown at me, when we run out of ketchup, my sister, having pictures taken of me, when my brother pees in the catbox, doctors, sleep, cigarettes, certain words, hammers, when people attack me and expect me to run, kids at school, over-acheivers, when people pull my hair, arrogant people, when people hurt themselves, drunks, hugs from old people, having my heart broken, chores, when I get nail polish on my teeth, falling down the stairs, needles, dentists, physical weakness, stupid people, Michael Jackson, the thought of eating animal's body parts, people who think they're better than me, people who lie.

More official stuff...

Name: Nastassia
Age: 15
Religion: none
Star sign: virgo
Relationship status: single
Height: 5'5
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown or green when I'm mad
I'll put more when I think of it...