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Welcome to the Stationhouse! This site is dedicated to fanfiction from classic TV Cop shows. Right now we've got fiction from Barney Miller, CHiPs, Adam-12, and Dragnet, and hope to add more shows in the future! The Stationhouse's mission is to keep these great old shows alive through our fiction. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to submit your own work or provide feedback to the other authors.

Winds of Change (CHiPs)- The story of why Jon left the CHP after the 5th season.

Going Home (CHiPs)-After a year away, Jon comes home to Central.

Rollover! (CHiPs) Bobby Nelson causes another officer to be critcially  injured-is his career over?

Chains of Evil (CHiPs)- A nemesis from the past kidnaps Jon. Can Ponch and T.C. find him before it's too late?

Burnout (CHiPs)- Burned out and discouraged. Jon agrees to attend a police convention in NYC with Ponch, but its no vacation as they find themselves fighting for their lives…

Broken Ties (CHiPs)- Jon is gravely injured during a pursuit.,
bringing his estranged brother back into his life. Will they be able to mend their broken ties before it's too late?

Trails (CHiPs)-Jon and Getraer's camping trip goes horribly wrong.

Walls (CHiPs)- A tribute to fallen law enforcement officers everywhere.

The First Step (CHiPs)- A sequel to the episode "Flashback!"

A Christmas Wish (CHiPs)- When budget cuts threaten to close Central the gang prays for a Christmas miracle.

Other Side of The Coin (CHiPs/Emergency)-When Ponch and Jon are trapped in an abandoned mine, it's up to Gage and DeSoto to rescue them-until they become trapped themselves!

Bridges (CHiPs)- One writer's view of how CHiPs-99 should have been!
*In progress*

In Anothers Eyes (CHiPs)- Meg once loved Jon, but he broke her heart. Now he sees the error of his ways...but is it too late?
*In progress*

Officer Needs Assistance (Adam-12/Emergency)-Pete's in trouble, but gets help..with hilarious results!

Playing With Fire- (E!/Adam-12/Dragnet) Roy DeSoto is accused of attempted murder-can Joe Friday and Bill Gannon prove his innocence?
*adult content*

Reunion-(Barney Miller)- The 12th Precinct reopens! *In progress*

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