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S.J.Farrant Car Mobile Valeting of Chapel Brampton

Welcome to my homepage and thank you for visiting! Having recently moved to the Northampton area, I am now in the position to take on new clients in this area.

I have been car valeting since I was a teenager and enjoy what I do.
Unfortunatly, car valeting itself is not very well paid and in general, is paid per car, so obviously the faster a valeter works, the more they might earn.
This does not generally encourage attention to detail or the kind of quality of service that I feel should be given to customers.
I also became disillusioned with the 'forget the customer' attitude that previous employers and other companies I came across had.
I do not believe in doing the job as quickly as possible and meeting only a customers minimum expectations. Instead, I try to exceed them whenever possible, even if it means some expense on my part, because I think it really is worth doing the best job possible.


I can do very basic valets if you prefer or the usual full valet. I tailor each valet to be specific to your car and as such I dont have standard prices but instead have a quotation system which to my mind is much fairer.

A BASIC VALET can start as a wash and hoover and then have things such as cleaning windows added as extras or you can have a FULL VALET which basically covers the vast majority of cleaning an average car needs but with special requirements such as machine polishing and intensive interior cleaning as options when needed.

Below is an example of my work on what was a very dirty car:




There are generally three kinds of people who will at sometime or another, have their car valeted.
1. Someone who is a regular user of a valeting service who likes to maintain the visual condition of their car to a high minimum standard but maybe doesn't have the time to clean their car themselves.
2. Someone who has not yet been properly ( if at all ) introduced to a car valeting service, which is suprisingly common. The number of people who look at me and have to ask what car valeting is, is astounding!
This is probobly due to a lack of profile for this service, which, while not as important as the servicing of a vehicle, is still a great way to combat the usual deterioration of a cars paintwork and interior trim.
3. Someone who is either selling their car or is using it for a special occassion such as a wedding. A car valeted to professional, dealer forcourt standards will always make it easier to sell and in a lot of cases, worth more too.

I clean all manner of different vehicles such as light commercials, caravans and motorhomes, aswell as the usual range of cars.

I am based from Chapel Brampton but can travel to anywhere within reasonable distance of Northampton.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime of day or evening for further information.


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