Memaw and Papaw, being the wonderful grandparents that they are, agreed to take my sisters and I to Kings Dominion and here are some pictures of our fun adventures.

After sleeping a total of about 4 hours (on account of excessive snoring and sheets that wouldn't stay on the bed of the wonderful Best Western) we arrived at the entrance of Kings Dominion. We were like the 10th people there because our hotel was right beside the park, and also because we woke up on old people time at the crack of dawn, but it was all in good fun.

Pictured above: Memaw and Papaw, aka Audrey and Fred sit inside the entrance

Memaw, Jamie (lookin like quasimodo), carrie and me, infront of the eifel tower

Upon entrance to the park, we all walk (while papaw rides his trusty scooter) to the scooter rental place to rent Memaw a scooter. Throughout the day they speed ahead of us and at one point they even race. Now that's some funny stuff!

We go up in the fake Eiffel tower and take a gander at Kings Dominion from above.

We notice this roller coaster, Hypersonic XLC, testing for repairs all day, because it hasn't been opened all year. Papaw takes extreme interest in watching "that thing shoot off" and how it works, however............

.......Carrie, Jamie and I are very very sad because we can't ride it. Little did we know that the very day that we left to come home that Hypersonic XLC would open to the public. The only words that can honestly describe our pissedoffedness can be summed up in the simple phrase "I'll Be Shit!"

But not all is sad, We get to ride Volcano the Blast coaster (the yellow one) and Flight of Fear (inside that big white building) which are about two of the awesome roller coasters out there...

... so that makes us happy! Well, that's all the pictures I have, but we all hope can go back there someday because we really enjoyed Kings Dominion a whole whole lot!