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7-22-03 Well... the second issue of The Rotten Vegetable had absolutly no work put into it. We were lazy, and realized it was a hell of a lot of work for the 5 people that were involved. We're gonna try recruiting some more writers and anyone that wants to help out. On another note, Nirav Sanghani and I are going to try and start a Campus Greens at Glenbard North. Hopefully the young republicans, democrats, etc. that we have at our school will take their cue and start up their own respective organizations. Oh, the debates we'd have...

Thanks for listening,

1-10-03 If you're reading this, you've probably got handed a stack of papers from either a kid with a checkered mohawk, a kid with a big blockish-shaped head, a neanderthal with black hair, or possibly ben..who needs no offensive description. Anyway, you have it now, and have probably read some, or maybe all, by now. Anyway, this is the website, so if you wanna talk to us, or ask us stuff, try clicking on "contact" to find contact information about us. Also, we have some shirts and stuff under merch, keep in mind, any profits made off our shirts or donations will go to production costs, or a worthy organization. Under "articles" you can find any stuff that was in back issues. And, of course, under "links" you can find links that our staff members have suggested. That's it for now, so thanks for listening.

Peace, Love, Empathy,
Dave and Zibi

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