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Triumph Trident


This is it, this is what I have swapped my Hornet for. I know I went on about how perfectly suited the Hornet was for us and how we had chosen the right bike, well there was no problem, we loved the Hornet and still do but things suddenly changed one Sunday afternoon after a ride to Bill Heads in Preston just for a look round, as you do you know, no intention of buying anything, just for a free show. I walked through the main door and it was there right in front of me, I was drawn straight to it, before I even looked around I was sat on it, but it seemed familiar, like a big Hornet but relaxed, I got off and had a good look from different angles, it was right, a retro bike with no over the top modern styling but most of all it oozed character, the livery on the hand finished petrol tank said it all, TRIUMPH. The next thing I know is I am talking about part exchanging my Hornet, I only had it seven months, what was I doing? I left with my head spinning as the shop closed and my brochures under my arm, decision time. Oh what the hell, go for it. The deal was done and I picked it up the following Saturday, as I rode away from Bill Heads it felt big and butch, all the time I was making comparisons to the Hornet, it is not as nimble, there is no rush, it removed the hooliganism associated with the Hornet, it has slowed me down which is good as I have just been done for speeding, (Gatso),I know I am not fully confident on it yet and it still needs to be run in but we are enjoying it and it is mostly British. Early days yet for major comparisons but one big advantage for the Triumph is the 200+ miles per tank compared to the 90 I got from the Hornet, but then there is the weight of a full 6 gallon tank, takes a bit of getting used to.

Right, I have had the Trident for about a month now so I feel I can make a few more accurate comparisons between the Honda and the Triumph, for a start they are different breeds, the Hornet seems to be all show with fantastic paint, super proven engine, huge sexy tyres and of course Honda reliability, it is so quick around town weaving in and out of the traffic, as it is on your favourite country road when into a bend and out again before your brain has had chance to catch up, you can flick it to the left and then to the right and to the left again, you get the picture? So how does the Trident compete against such opposition? It does not, it is simply not playing the same game, as I mentioned above this bike is full of character, a proper retro style bike, it has nothing to prove, the 900 engine is about as powerful as the Honda`s 600 but it is more relaxed, you can throw it about but not in the same fun way as with the Hornet, no this bike is more suited to the mature rider who relishes the Triumph name and can be quite the poseur as you overhear people saying, "it`s a Triumph". Any probs. with the Triumph you may ask? Yes, any to the Honda? No, never missed a beat and nothing ever fell off. On the Triumph a certain number of screws to the engine and the brake and clutch banjo fittings had light corrosion (can you believe it)? but were changed under warranty during and after the 500 mile service along with a repair to an electrical failure of the rev. counter and panel lights, for this Bill Head`s had the bike for a week but could not get it right even though I wrote the faults down for them, it took another four trips before I was happy, ridiculous, but what a bike they lent me, how Ducati have face to sell a bike called the Monster I do not know when the real monster is the Honda X11, what a machine, an 1137cc Hornet? So, am I happy with the Triumph? yes I am, o.k. so it has had a few teething probs. but my opinion overall is that the speed is there when I need it, it definitely looks good (love the retro image, just watch as they become more popular) and is no where near as tiring to ride as the Hornet. O.k. there you have it, but which do I prefer? well it has to be the Triumph, it beats the Honda easy for style, character and general feelgood factor, oh yeah and it is British, if you are American no doubt you would have a Harley but if like me you are a Brit then come on support your own country and try a Triumph, test ride one you will not be disappointed.

Well it has been over four months now, so how is the Trident performing? Just great, it has not been locked away over winter and gets a good run quite often, covered over 2000 miles to date. Any more teething problems you may ask? Well it has never failed to start, it cleans up very well after a wet and salty run, no signs of any more light corrosion and the electrics are fine. Having said all that, during early February I was not convinced that the bike was giving top performance so again I contacted Bill Heads to discuss my thoughts,"no problem" they said, bring it in and we will have a look. They agreed that it it was not 100% and contacted Triumph who told them to rejet the carbs, it also needed another air inlet trumpet to conform to U.K. spec. as to the Californian single. It took two more trips to Bill Heads to get it almost sorted, they never seem to get it right first time but are always willing to help and are very friendly. So is the engine sorted now you ask? No, I came away with a bigger flat spot in the lower revs. than before I took it in, one part had been left disconected and one simply missing, so I contact them again, "no problem" they say, we will pick it up.

Just over a week later I pick it up and leave the Honda vfr that they had loned me, I am told that they had spoken to Triumph who told them to fit new carbs and set it up. So the bike seems to be right now, goes very well throughout the rev. range, is so smooth low down and when you open the throttle, no matter what gear you are in it pulls like a train, even so I am going to have it on a Dyno, just to be sure.
Right, it has been on a Dyno and guess what? loads of torque but 10 b.h.p. down, so where is the missing 10 b.h.p.? back to Bill Heads. Bill Heads talk to Triumph yet again (so I`m told) who now decide to change the cam shafts and igniter box, they will pick it up at the end of the month, do the work then Dyno the bike again. So the bike is not full power even though I have a written statement from Bill Heads to the contrary from when I bought it. Stars or what? So did they pick it up at the agreed date? What do you think? No! they even cocked that up, so a new date was agreed, come on Bill Heads get the next bit right.

A Bill Head mechanic, allegedly.

I have it back now, the work completed, every thing seems to be in the right place, nothing left disconected, and I have an original print out of the Dyno run as promised. How many horses you ask? 102, that is more than standard, but how does it go? great! Strangely the engine is quieter, it does not seem to have the bark from the exhaust when screwed as before, it also seems to rev easier too, it is good and yes I am pleased. I will say it is faster because of the extra horses but it has lost some torque. It`s such a pity when a great bike with so much history in it`s name that has rissen from the ashes could possibly be killed off for ever because there are cowboys out there pretending to be skilled technicians, I don`t have the answer to this problem but Triumph should sort them out. Triumph make great bikes, it`s a shame certain dealers could ruin sales. So I think that is it? read on.

Well the bike has been just superb, had it up to an indicated 140 mph the other day two up, yes everything about the bike is now right, it looks cool and gives good ride with stunning performance, but even though I love the Trident I can not help myself from looking in MCN Bikemart or at dealers websites to see what is on offer, can the grass be greener on the other page? I came across a dealer in Oxford selling a certain new bike at a mad price on the net, a bike that I have ridden before and really would like to own but is not a Triumph, so just for the hell of it I e-mailed him asking for a deal and taking my Trident in part exchange and even sent a digital photo of my beloved (bike). Now I expected a crap deal to be honest, you know with the bike being on special offer but when I got the reply the following day I thought, he`s mad, this is a really good deal he`s offered me, this was now a very very serious moment in time, I felt a decision coming on, I needed plenty of thought on this so I read the e-mail over again to be sure I read it right, I did, so I replied, I`ll have one in black please, and yes I have gone and done it, I took the Trident down to Abingdon Motorcycles (a distance of 180 miles) and picked up my new machine, I was asked as to why I did not buy one locally? I replied that I honestly could get nowhere near the deal I got from you, I tried to do a deal at E.S.B. motorcycles in Bolton, they wanted top price for their bike and would only give rock bottom book price for my Triumph, I saved 1400 by doing business with you rather than E.S.B., I don`t know how you do it? because were not greedy was the reply, so the least I can do is give them a free advert below. But what is it, what has taken the place of a truly great motorcycle, one that I will honestly miss. Come on Sherlocks of the www , what is it?

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