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Honda CB450 K5 1972

A slick 1972 Honda CB450 K5 brochure front.

This is my latest restoration (2017/18) not to Stafford concourse standard but to a very high standard as I'm hoping to ride it during the coming summer months and I want it to be one of the best examples in the country. A complete strip down (excluding the engine) everything was cleaned and inspected, also the valves and ignition timed and set up, just too many pieces replaced to list, e.g. everything rubber replaced, new cables, new seat cover, some rewiring, frame repainted, air filters rebuilt, front forks rebuilt, and much more for safety and reliability, then finally the aluminium side cases polished. There is no surface rust anywhere on this bike and it wants for nothing.
My last addition to the bike was the fitting of new rear shocks for a better ride and having the wheels completely rebuilt with new wheel bearings, oil seal, stainless steel butted spokes, nickle plated nipples, new tubes and tapes and Avon RoadRider tyres fitted, I later fitted a complete new clutch and while I was in there I replaced and restored worn gear change stopper parts that are known to give this model an issue with slipping out of second gear into neutral, all sorted now.
It's a sensible classic bike to own and ride as it doesn't fall into the category of 'I must have a fashionable classic Japanese bike regardless of the stupid highly inflated prices' if you know what I mean?
It looks the business as it's from the early 70's and painted in original colours resembling the CB750 K2 series of that time, Honda enthusiasts say it's a proper Japanese classic motorcycle with it's twin cylinder DOHC engine that was a revolution at the time that was usually only associated with racing motorcycles. Weighing 100 LBS less than the CB750 K it's an ideal classic Japanese bike with a cost less than half that of a CB750 K in the same top condition but this may well rise as 70's bikes start to dry up.
See the walk around video with no chat, it was made on the spur of the moment in my garage, sorry about the camera phone dithering.
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CB450 K5 continuous improvement.
The CB450 K5 walk around in silence.