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Honda Hornet and my return

Honda Hornet and my return.

March 2002.
This site was first published in October 1999 and ran for over 2 years under the Tripod name, and later Tripod/Lycos, I spent over 100 hours building the site and had over 6,000 hits, then they removed it and all the links to it, no explanation was given and my e-mails that I sent for help were ignored (thanks very much Tripod/Lycos) so here we are again, very close to the original and more.

WARNING!... This site may contain nuts.

Lee, Janet and Louise into the new millennium.

Hello people of the world and welcome to the pages I have built for anyone who is interested, maybe you would like to know a little about myself and my family and how we pass the time in the town of Westhoughton, Bolton, Greater Manchester, England? My name is Lee and I am married to Janet, we both originate from Westhoughton and have one daughter Louise. Janet and myself like to go out on our motorcycle whenever we get the chance while Louise spends her time socialising when not at work. The Honda Hornet has had plenty of use todate and we are both convinced we chose the right bike for the type of riding we had in mind when first shopping around for two wheels, it is a toy but it has to be respected, it is not called the Hornet for nothing and has built a cult following across Europe and Asia. Check out Matt's website, The Hornet's Nest, It`s the dogs polished bits.

The Hornet at a deserted Rivington Barn one evening during the week.

My Hornet has been fitted with a genuine Honda flyscreen, a fenda extenda, a rear hugger and a Scorpion can. These extras are in my opinion a must, the flyscreen helps to keep some of the wind off, the fenda extenda keeps the manifolds a little cleaner, the rear hugger keeps the suspension nice and clean while the can is pure adrenalin.

This is the scene on a typical Sunday afternoon up at Rivington Barn, hundreds of bikes come and go during the day, plenty are regulars including myself but some use it as a stopping off place to rest, eat, drink, freshen up, whatever, before continuing to other destinations, the majority settle for the afternoon and indulge in friendly chat about life and the positive and negative sides to biking........ and how good their bike is. It is easy to find, ask anyone in Horwich where it is and they will point you in the right direction, but be warned on your approach, remember we are easy prey, we are a soft target, the Gatso`s could be active, expect the tripod mounted radar just round a blind bend, make sure you are legal because when there is a purge all bikes are pulled and you are not let off with a few verbals if your can is not road legal or your number plate is not to the correct dimensions, like I mentioned above we are soft targets, a lot of money is taken from bikers on such purges be it at Rivington or Devil's Bridge, or where ever, they will tell us we are being stopped for a safety check, what a load of crap, I was pulled for a so called safety check and they 'did me' for sporting a race can, they never checked the brakes, nor the tyres, nor the steering etc, neither did they ask to see my licence or insurance or even if the bike was mine, just proves they are there just to rake the money in, Dick Turpin would have been proud, parasites.

After that warning do not be put off, it is a great meeting place and I hope you can find the time to have a blast and visit us at the barn and sample the atmosphere and its facilities. There is usually a good turn out of Hornets and most owners eye ball the other riders machines and that will most likely fire up conversation, especially if yours has a paint job or something a little different from the norm.

Don't get me wrong the Police do a great job, it's the people higher up that are anti biker and just don't understand what it's all about, and the odd Dibble chasing brownie points.

This is the Lower Barn, not too popular with bikers at weekends but is a sun trap and can attract a good number of bikers during the afternoon every weekday, summer and winter.

NEWS FLASH, Oct,1999....Hornet sold.

I have traded my beloved Hornet, but for what you may ask? (click 'New Bike!' below).

Think you are fast? then see me leading at The Isle of Man TT. (click below).

PORSCHE, click on the obvious below.

NEWS FLASH, May 11th,2003.... My KH400 A3 wins 'BEST IN SHOW' at the Nabs Head Classic Bike Show, in association with the VJMC-UK.

ANOTHER NEWS FLASH, June,2003.... We move house to South Wales.

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