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Welcome to our new version 2.0 website. We will be relauching very soon. The new site will have more pictures and frequent updates as well! Stay tuned for more...

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Date: Thursday, May 15th - 2003
Subject: Finality
Posted By: EMI

Well the site is finally done. Hope we can get a good grade!

Date: Thursday, May 15th - 2003
Subject: The Matix is Reloaded
Posted By: M

Well the wait is finally over. The first of two Matrix sequels arrives in theaters today. Can't wait to see it. If you have seen the trailer, you know the action and CG effects are even bigger and better than the original cult hit.

Date: Saturday, May 3 - 2003
Subject: Shaolin Soccer at the Tribeca Film Festival
Posted By: M

Stephen Chow's Shaolin Soccer will make its way to the Tribeca Film Festival. This soccer satire will be dubbed in English and will make its way to the American audience in August.

Date: Tuesday, April 1 - 2003
Subject: RIP Leslie Cheung
Posted by: M

This is no April Fool's joke. Vertan Hong Kong actor/singer commited suicide early today. He starred in such movies like “A Better Tomorrow” with Chow Yun Fat and “Farewell My Concubine” which gained international acclaim.

Date: Sunday, March 23 - 2003
Subject: Spirited Away wins Best Animated Feature Film Oscar!
Posted by: E

Hayao Miyazaki's animated epic won the Oscar tonight and deservedly so. It had a limited theater run as it was released by Disney. The DVD will be coming soon!

Date: Friday, February 14 - 2003
Subject: Shanghai Knights Arrives in theaters
Posted by: E

After being postponed by two months, this Jackie Chan sequel will finally make its way to the movie theaters. This follow-up to Shanghai Noon is bound to be bigger and funnier that the year 2000 hit.

Date: Monday, February 10 - 2003
Subject by: Hero DVD/VCD Released
Posted by: M

The DVD/VCD of “Hero” was just released in China. Its region free and is in DVD5 format. A DVD9 version and collector's edition will be released next month as well as the Hong Kong version (Region3 only).

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