Daryl Wilcher's THE WISHBOX

Screenplay by DARYL WILCHER
Our very own RIFF from SLEEPAWAY CAMP 3, Daryl Wilcher, is welcoming a return to the screen. Many of you who have read the DARYL WILCHER INTERVIEW know that Daryl currently does a lot of behind-the-camera work these days, but what some of you may not know is that Daryl is also an aspiring screenwriter! He recently completed a script entitled: "THE WISHBOX" about a magical trunk that drastically changes the lives of the people who come in contact with it. The script is a fun melding of many genres, especially comedy and fantasy, but also has strong tones of drama and action in the mix. Daryl recently shot a promotional video for "visual conception purposes" and is currently shopping the script around the industry with his friend Chet, who will direct. One of the lead roles in the film, is that of an amiable but struggling artist, which Daryl wrote for himself to play. He has always wanted to play a comedic type role, and now he's following his WISH. Below are some Brand Spanking New widescreen-photos of DARYL WILCHER from the WISH BOX Visual. Check them out and enjoy...

Holy RIFF flashback! It has been 15 years since Daryl played RIFF but in this brand new photo from THE WISHBOX Promo, check out how much he still looks like our favorite SLEEPAWAY thug...complete with backwards baseball cap and all!