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Last updated 2020-05-18

Passenger ticket 1964

Douglas DC-4, OY-AAI Basel-Mulhouse-Freiberg Airport, 1960. Photo Peter Frei.

Douglas DC-7 OY-DFR (first livery) at Malaga Airport, Spain 1964.

Douglas DC-7 OY-DMP at Malaga Airport, Spain 1964.

Flying Enterprise was a Danish Charter operator, established in Copenhagen in 1959 by
two former SAS-employees who wanted to challenge their former employer because of
SAS, at the time, negative attitude towards charter operations. The company operated a
fleet consisting of five Canadair North Star and two DC-7. Flying Enterprise went bank-
rupt after a few years of operation.

The company was taken over by the Danish tycoon,Simon Spies, who then formed his own
charter airline, Conair of Scandinavia of the renaming part of Flying Enterprise in 1965.

Flying Enterprise A/S was the first charter company in Denmark. The company was found-
ed by earlier SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) employees; Hans Linde, Finn Nielsen
and Jessen in July 1959 due to that SAS rejected charter operations (afraid of looseing the
companys right to the monopoly) and therefore this was a daring challenge.

In the beginning FE operated leased Canadair C-54s from Overseas Aviation. FEs first
own Argonaut arrived in January 1960 and the first DC-7 OY-DMP was delivered in
October 1963.

The carriers main destinations were Palma, Palma de Majorca and to Las Palmas in the
Canary Islands serving Danish and Swedish tour operators.One of the major customers was
Simon Spies and Spis Rejsor/Spies Travels. In early 1964, three (3) DC-7s were acqired for
Flying Entrerprise A/S but the carrier then had to stop operations towards the end of March
1965 due to "hard negotiations" by Simon Spies which led to economical difficulties and the
carrier was declared bank- rupt.

This placed also Spies Travels in a very hard situation since it had Flying Enterprise A/S
under contract for holidaycharter programme throughout the summer 1965 season.Looking
for alternative arrangements, Spies decided to buy Flying Enterprise bankrupt's estate and
stock, a smart step and then a week later re-establish the company as a "new" carrier on 1
March 1965.
The new carrier was named Conair of Scandinavia and after obtaining a temporary permit
on 2 April 1965, the final licence was granted on 23 April the same year.

Conair of Scandinavia Douglas DC-7, OY-DMP at Kastrup Airport, Denmark 1965.


Canadair C-4 Argonaut
All aircrafts (leased from Overseas Aviation) acquired from BOAC.

OY-AAH msn 165 1960-64 to Airlinks/Transglobe as G-ALHT
OY-AAI msn 166 1960-65 B/U 1965, CPH
OY-AFA msn 160 1960-61 to Derby Airways as G-AHLN, B/U 1962
OY-AFB msn 157 1961-65 B/U 1965, CPH
OY-AFC msn 146 1961-65 B/U 1965, CPH

Douglas DC-7

OY-DMP msn 44131 1963-65 to Conair of Scandinavia 1965
OY-DMR msn 44140 1964- 65 to Conair of Scandinavia 1965
OY-DMS msn 44139 1964-65 to Conair of Scandinavia 1965

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