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The Bisexual Pride Flag. Mouse over it for the colours meaningsBi Pride Flag, Pink for same sex love, Blue for Straight love and overlapping Purple for Bisexual love

Heavenly CreaturesMoi?

As you may have guessed by the selection of lovely photos that I am Bi-sexual. Shock horror! If any friends or work colleagues have stumbled upon this site "If you didn't guess already you must be darft!"


I'm sticking this on my site for several reasons.

  • I like talking to other Bi-babies.
  • I want to stop pretending I'm completely straight (I lean more to Lesbian than -straight as I like femme men).
  • I want people to understand, Bi men and women (most) are NOT sluts! They do not jump on everyone or everything.
  • I am NOT a lesbian who is confused!!!! I know what I like and I like people to except me for that. I am not in denial (as some ignorant people have told me before).

When did I find out?Velvet Goldmine

I have had feelings like this since I was about nine. I just thought it was kinda normal. I didn't tell anyone or do anything about it until I was about 19 or 20. Since then when people ask or I go out with anyone I ALWAYS tell them the truth. I have never had a full time relationship with a girl, but am now with someone I love (who happens to be a male *sort of*). My partner is very femme and considers himself to be androgenous, as do I!


Androgyny and androgenous - Having both male and female characteristics or qualities. Androgenous figures are widespread in mythology. In Greek mythology Hermaphroditus was the son of Mercury and Venus. When the boy was 15, he and the nymph Salmacis were so in love with one another, that they prayed they would never part. The gods then made them one, with a body both male and female.

Feminist movements often promote the idea that if males develop their feminine quanities and women their masculine ones, differences can be lessened, and stereotyping disapears. If only everyone in the world were androgynous then maybe it would be a happier place!

Androgyny basically means you are somewhere inbetween being two different sexes. This can mean physically as in having both types of genitals or just looking somewhere inbetween, or acting somewhere inbetween.

My partner and I are the last two! We are boy girl distortions! I am blokey and he is very girlie it is very cool as we have a unique but perfect relationship.

Okay whats good and bad about being Bi?


  • I am very picky about what guys I like, mainly gothy, spiky haired or long hair pretty men......so when walking down the street I can look at lots of pretty girls.
  • My boyfriend and I have the same taste in women, this makes it easy to discuss things over a beer down the pub.
  • I can get away with wearing anything and everything, and usually do. I can be femme one day and a boy the next.
  • I know what both sexes like, both mentally and physically.


  • No body trusts you with their boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Everyone assumes you fancy them.
  • Men get a kick outta the fact you have slept with women.
  • SOME gays and lesbians say you are a fake, and confused (see notes above)!