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Backyard Yacht Builders Dot Com

Hi My name is Phillip Shoebridge, and this is the website dedicated to the finishing of my 22 1/2 foot keeler, which I bought as an unfinished hull and decks.

I live in Auckland New Zealand, and I'm studying chemistry. I have had an interest in sailing since I was young, starting in Optimists, progessing through to P-Class, and Phase 2's. As a youngster I used to go cruising on my parents yacht around Auckland's Hauraki Gulf in a small 23 foot keeler similar to my own. This sparked my interested in crusing, and I can't wait to have have my own Boat in the water.

please feel free to email me about anything you like, I hope you engoy my site.

PS I would love to here from others building yachts.

You will find the photo gallery of my exploits here

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Please come back often to see my latest progress