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My Adventures in Poetry

Now I don't claim to be the best poet in the world but I do think that I am good. I am always very proud of my work. I will not only feature my own poetry though, I will also try and feature other aspiring poets. I think that poetry is the most wonderful way to express yourself, no matter how you feel, it always turns out sounding beautiful or moving on paper. So feel free to delve into my mind and read my thoughts, but please dont steal my work.

My very own published poem!

Not Tonight

I can feel your hot breath on the back of my neck; I know that you want what you're not going to get. I can see you're on fire, lit from passion within, But tonight's not your night for that deadly sin. Your touching my skin with an unprovoked lust for me; Though I won't let you, you don't seem to agree. Your eyes are burning hot, but there's ice in your stare. You want me; that's true, but you don't really care.

Megan Cathers
Copyright 2001 Megan Cathers