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Rover 100 brochure 1997
What defines a Rover?
Every inch a Rover
Looking good inside
Looking forward to driving
Follow the leader
Built with care
Rover 114GSi

This is bits from the brochure of the last incarnation of the Metro - the Rover 100. They bolted the name 'Rover' on the back to try and make it seem classy, and they added a few curves to make it look vaguely awkward and ugly. As before, the words you'll see here aren't mine.

...Unless they're in bright green, in which case they are mine.

Note, by the way, this this brochure is by no means finished. Not sure I'll ever get round to scanning all the arty photos of cars speeding past posh-looking buildings. Send me money and I will.

The Metro that isn't a Metro