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A British car to beat the world


A British car to beat the world
Never before has so much gone into so little
Metro 1.3 HLS
Metro 1.3S
Metro HLE
Metro L
Metro standard
Dimensions / MPG
Metro - original 1980 brochure

The new Austin Metro can fairly be described as the perfect family car of the 80s. Born of advanced technology and British built in Europe's most highly autmated plant, it is precisely tuned to the age in which we live.

The compact and purposefully styled Metro makes the utmost use of every teaspoonful of fuel and, with 12,000 miles servicing intervals, is extremely economical to run. But, unlike so many 'economy cars', it is luxuriously equipped, delightfully quiet and comfortable and it has the interior space of many larger saloons. What's more, the Metro uses space so cleverly, it is instantly adaptable to every conceivable family transport need.

There are five models in the Metro range, each with its own distinctive appeal. This brochure will help you choose the Metro that's exactly right for you.

Weren't the motorways clear in those days?