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Chaos Caverns

Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car

The Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car Machine


Genre Action/Racing
Release Dates

Japan: September 1991
Not released in the US or UK

# of Players 1
ESRB Rating None

You're probably going "WTF?!" right now, so allow me to explain this little mystery.

You've seen those kiddie rides at the mall, right?  You know, the ones where you put your kid in a Power Wheels-type car, put in some money, and watch them "drive" the car and have fun?  Well, leave it to SEGA to produce a Sonic-version of those kiddie rides for the Japanese market, with arcade-gaming mixed in.

The game, when romanized into English letters, reads as 'Waku Waku Sonikku Patokaa'.  When translated throughly, it means 'Energetic Sonic Patrol Car'.  Sounds weird, but that's what it means.  The game was released a few months after Sonic 1 for the Megadrive/Genesis to help boost Sonic's success.  It also had a sister game which was very similar to it, called Sega Sonic Cosmo Galaxy Patrol.

The game had Sonic dressed up as a policeman, driving around in his 'patrol car'.  Of course, you have to control him in the car and steer him around the oncoming cars ahead of you.  After driving for a while, Sonic would find Eggman and you would engage in battle to defeat the fat man.   Whether you beat Eggman or not, Sonic would always pull into the police station and says something to you in Japanese.

Quite a strange game, and a rarity too.   Nobody outside of Japan seemed to know about the game until some time ago when people began having memories of an old arcade game for kids that came out ten years ago.   As of this posting I didn't learn about it until three months ago!  But anyway, the game is probably gone from all arcades by now, so may it forever rest in arcade heaven.

Uh, aren't you a little big for these things, sir? =P

All pictures are from the Green Hill Zone.