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Chaos Caverns

Tails Skypatrol

Platform Game Gear
Genre Action
Release Dates Japan: April 28, 1995
Not released
Not released
# of Players


ESRB Rating


Because it was released only in Japan, there is almost no information on the game.  But thanks to the Green Hill Zone, I was able to find out some info about this game.

There are five levels, one is practice, and they're all mazes.  You guide Tails, who is permenantly set it flying mode, through the mazes and reach the end.  If you hit a wall or get attacked by an enemy, you won't be hurt, but if Tails falls and hits the floor, you lose a life.  If you do fall, pressing Button 1 or 2 will allow Tails to recover.  Defeat enemies by throwing the ring Tails is holding, and recover flying power by finding candy.

MSM's Review

I have yet to play this game.

Rating: ????