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Chaos Caverns

spinball_01.gif (15738 bytes)

Sonic Spinball: Genesis

Platform Megadrive/Genesis
Genre Action/Pinball
Release Dates Japan: December 10, 1993
November 1993
November 1993
# of Players 1-4 (can be set in Options)
ESRB Rating K-A

Sonic Spinball is a pinball-type game where you control Sonic inside a network of flippers, springs, sink holes, etc...just like a real pinball machine.  In the game, Sonic and Tails are flying in the Tornado/Winged Victory(whatever it's called), and they come across a fortress inside a volcano.  The fortress is being controled guessed it, Robotnik.  And he's robotizicing animals once again to do his dirty work. 

Just then the volcano erupts, making an explosion so big, Sonic loses his balance and falls off the plane into the ocean!  He then learns of Robotnik's plans and sets out to stop him.

There are four levels.   Your objective in each of them is to find all the Chaos Emeralds and defeat the boss.

Sonic Spinball: Game Gear

Platform Game Gear
Genre Pinball
Release Dates Japan: Not released
September 1994
August 1994
# of Players 1
ESRB Rating K-A

As far as I know, the Game Gear version is the same thing as the Genesis version.

MSM's Review

This is a very different yet fun game.  Some zones can be a pain though, like the Showdown level...but it's still a fun game and I suggest playing it!

Rating: ****/*****

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