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Chaos Caverns

Sonic Crackers Title Screen

Sonic Crackers is one mystery people just can't seem to solve.  One theory claims it's a alpha or beta version of Knuckles Chaotix or even Sonic 4.  Another says it was a game made to test out a new engine that would be used in future Sonic games.  Engine as in new features that is.   For example, Sonic 2 has a different engine than Sonic 1 because Sonic can run faster and can spin dash and the list goes on...

A third theory states that the game is a pretty well-done hoax.  This seems most likely, because if you look at the bottom-right corner of the title screen(you can't see it on the one above), you'll see the number 19940401.  Let's switch the numbers around and add some slashes and we have 04/01/1994.  April 1, 1994, which we all know as April Fools. =P  Obviously that date is way too early to be an alpha or beta of Chaotix, because Chaotix came out a whole year later!

Anyway, the game goes like this.  There's seven levels in the game including two "bonus" 3D levels that are very reminiscent of Sonic 3D Blast.  You play as Sonic with Tails following, and both are attached by a rubber band with rings ala Knuckles Chaotix.  There are no rings, but you can't die unless the timer runs out, which it can do.  In the first level, you die after three minutes, and in levels 2-5(they're all the same), you die after one.  But don't reset if you do, because if you wait, you can play in the "bonus" stage, although there's no way out of them.

Here's some screenshots:

Can't ditch Tails this time... Here's one of Sonic jumping in the air with Tails behind him.  Since both of them are attached by the rubber band, you can't ditch Tails like you can do in the other games.
A really interesting thing about Crackers is this move: When you press a certain button(I forgot which) while standing next to Tails, Sonic will pick Tails up.  Press the button again, and Sonic will kick Tails upwards.   A really nice move to get out of certain situations. And the kickoff!
Where'd Sonic go? This is a pic of the Carnival Zone.  There is really no end to this level.  You just keep looping around in the same area until the clock runs out after one minute.  This also a very buggy zone, as you can see.   In some places you fall straight through the floor!
Finally, here's a screenshot of one of the special stages.  See the how it compares to the stages in Sonic 3D Blast with the checkered, tilted ground?  Also note the beautiful textures in the clouds and waterfalls.  But soon you'll get bored and look for a way out, but you can't because THERE IS NO WAY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! Gee, where did I see THIS before?

More info coming soon.

MSM's Review

I really don't know what I can say about this game.  It's somewhat fun to play, and that music is very catchy.

Rating: **/*****