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Chaos Caverns

Sonic CD Beta

Platform Sega CD Prototype
Genre Action/Adventure
Release Dates Unknown
# of Players 1
ESRB Rating None

Yet another Beta has made its way into Sonic history.  This time it is the Beta from one of the best Sonic games ever, Sonic CD!

There is a ROM of the beta that can only be played on the Genesis/32X emulator AGES.  It was dumped into an .ISO image file by SEGA X-Treme and was put on the Internet for an extremely short time.   So short, only few people were able to get it.  One of those few being A.J. Freda, who was kind enough to put it up on his website, SegaSonic.Net.   There is also a Sonic CD Beta page that has it, and you can find the link below.

The Sonic CD Beta is an early version of Sonic CD.  It was made on May 10th, 1993, and SEGA, like with the other Betas, used this one to promote the game before its release.  It contained many differences between itself and the final version, as seen in the screenshots on the pages below.

The Zones

General | Palmtree Panic | Collision Chaos | Tidal Tempest | The Other Zones

How to Run the ROM

Emulating the ROM is a bit complicated, and it won't work if you don't set the emulator up right.  I haven't tried it myself just yet, but I do know where you can find instructions on how to run it.   Go to the Sonic CD Beta page and click on the 'How to Emulate' link under EMULATION.  There it will tell you how to run it.

Click here to go to the Sonic CD Beta Page

NOTE: You will need the emulator AGES to run this ROM.  Go here to get it.

My Review

Coming soon...

Rating: ?/*****