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Chaos Caverns

Sonic CD Title Screen


Mega CD/Sega CD
Genre Action/Adventure
Release Dates Japan: September 23, 1993
November 19, 1993
October 1993
# of Players 1
ESRB Rating K-A

Proven to be one of the best Sonic games yet, Sonic CD is a time-warping adventure in which Sonic travels to the Little Planet in search of adventure.  Once he arrives, the action gets started almost immediately!  Robotnik has shown up to capture the Time Stones that reisde on the Little Planet, and throw the time contininum off balance.  Not only that, but he's also dispatched Mecha Sonic, a robot that looks just like Sonic, to capture Amy Rose, Sonic's number one fan and admirerer.  Of course Sonic doesn't want one of his fans to get hurt, so he heads to the Little Planet to save Amy and recover the Time Stones before egg-belly does!

Your job is to guide Sonic through the Little Planet's stages, and through time in order to recover the Time Stones, and make the future of each zone a good one.  There are seven zones to explore.  Each zone is three acts long, with the third act taking place in the future, whether it's good or bad.  Walkthrough coming soon.

MSM's Review

This game is absolutely amazing.  The graphics are good, the music is great, it has a unique plot, and the time-traveling element makes the game lots more fun.  The Special Stages are a bit tricky, but practice makes perfect!  Another thing I didn't like was that they changed the music in the American version, but it's still great.  If you can find this game somewhere, buy it!

Rating: ****/*****

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